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Extended Saint Biographies

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St. Petroc
St. Petronax
St. Petronilla
St. Petronius
St. Pharaildis
St. Philemon
St. Philemon the actor
St. Philemon
St. Philetus
St. Philibert
St. Philip
St. Philip Benizi
St. Philip the Deacon
Sts. Philip Evans & John Lloyd, Martyrs
St. Philip Howard
St. Philip Minh
St. Philip Minh Van Doan
St. Philip Neri
St. Philip of Agirone
St. Philip of Gortyna
St. Philip of Jesus
Bl. Philip Powell
St. Philip Tchang
St. Philo and Agathopodes
St. Philotheus of Pemdje
St. Phocas the Gardener
St. Phocas of Sinope
St. Phocas of Antioch
St. Phocas the Gardener
St. Phoebe
St. Photina
St. Piaton
Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati
Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati
St. Pierius
St. Pierius
St. Pierius
St. Pierre-Francois Neron
St. Pinytus
St. Pionius
St. Piran
St. Pirmin
St. Pius I
Pius II
Bl. Pius IX
St. Pius V, Pope
St. Pius X
St. Placid
St. Placide Viel
St. Plautilla
St. Plechelm
St. Plegmund
108 Polish Martyrs
St. Pollio
St. Polycarp
St. Polycarp of Smyrna
St. Polydore Plasden
St. Polyeuctus
St. Pompeius of Pavia
St. Pomponius of Naples
St. Pontian Pope
St. Pontianus
St. Pontius of Carthage
St. Pontius of Carthage
St. Agapitus
St. Pope John I
St. Pope Victor I
St. Poppo
St. Porcarius
St. Porphyry of Gaza
St. Pothinus
St. Praejectus
St. Praetextatus
St. Praetextatus (Prix)
St. Praxedes
Sts. Primus and Felician
St. Primus and Felician
St. Prisca
St. Priscilla
St. Priscilla
St. Priscus
St. Priscus
St. Priscus
St. Priscus, Crescens, and Evagrius
St. Prix
St. Processus and Martinian
St. Proclus of Constantinople
St. Procopius of Scythopolis
St. Procopius of Sįzava
St. Proculus of Verona
St. Proculus of Bologna
St. Prosper of Aquitaine
St. Protase
St. Protasius Chong Kurbo
St. Protus and Hyacinth
St. Prudentius Galindo
St. Psalmodius
St. Publius
St. Pudens
St. Pudentiana
St. Quadragesimus
St. Quadratus
St. Quadratus of Athens
St. Quadratus
St. Quadratus
St. Quinidius
St. Quintian
St. Quintian
St. Quiriacus of Ostia
St. Quiriacus and Julitta
St. Quirinus
St. Quirinus of Tivoli
St. Quirinus of Tegernsee
St. Quirinus of Siscia
St. Quiteria
St. Quodvultdeus
Bl. Rabanus Maurus
St. Rachilidis
St. Racho
St. Radbod of Utrecht
St. Radegunde
St. Rafael Arnaiz Baron
St. Rafael Guizar Valencia
St. Rafqa
Bl. Ralph Corby
St. Ralph Crockett
Bl. Ralph Milner
St. Raphael
Bl. Raphael Kalinowski
St. Rasyphus and Ravennus
St. Raymond Li-Ts'Uan
Bl. Raymond Lull
Bl. Raymond Lull
St. Raymond Nonnatus
St. Raymond of Barbastro
Bl. Raymond of Capua
St. Raymond of Fitero
St. Raymond of Toulouse
St. Raymond of Pennafort
St. Raynald of Nocera
St. Raynerius of Spalatro
St. Regimbald
St. Regina
St. Regina
Bl. Regina Protmann
St. Regulus
St. Reineldis
St. Reinold
St. Relindis of Maaseik
St. Remaclus
St. Remigius
St. Remigius Isore
St. Renatus
St. Restituta
St. Restituta
St. Rhipsime
St. Richard
Bls. Richard Hill, John Hogg, and Richard Holiday
Bl. Richard Featherstone
St. Richard Gwyn
St. Richardis
Bl. Richard Langhorne
Bl. Richard Leigh
St. Richard Martin
St. Richard of Andria
St. Richard of Chichester
St. Richard of Vaucelles
St. Riccardo Pampuri
St. Richard Reynolds
Bl. Richard Rolle de Hampole
Bl. Richard Thirkeld
Bl. Richard Whiting
St. Richard of Wyche
St. Richrudis
St. Rigobert
St. Rigobert (Robert)
St. Rigoberto
St. Rita
St. Rita of Cascia
St. Rixius Varus
Bl. Robert Anderton
St. Robert Bellarmine
Bl. Robert Dalby
St. Robert Lawrence
St. Robert of Newminster
St. Robert of Bury
St. Robert of Chaise Dieu
St. Robert of Molesmes
St. Robert of Newmister
St. Robert Southwell
Bl. Robert Widmerpool
St. Roch
St. Roderic
St. Roderic and Salomon
St. Rogellus
Bl. Roman Adame Rosales
Bl. Roman Lysko
St. Romanus and Barula
St. Romanus of Condat
St. Romanus of Rouen
St. Romanus of Subiaco
St. Romanus Ostiarius
St. Romanus the Melodist
St. Romaric
St. Romuald
St. Romulus of Genoa
St. Romulus and Companions
St. Romulus and Conindrus
St. Ronan
St. Roque Gonzalez de Santa Cruz
St. Rosalia
St. Rose Venerini
Bl. Rose Chretien
St. Rose of Lima
St. Rose Philippine Duchesne
St. Rose Tchao
St. Rose Tch'Enn-Kai-Tsie
St. Rose Wang-Hoei
St. Rudesind
Bl. Rudolf Aquaviva
St. Rufinus
St. Rufinus of Assisi
St. Rufinus
St. Rufinus and Martia
St. Rufinus and Rufinian
St. Rufinus, Silvanus, and Victalicus
St. Rufus and Carpophorus
St. Rufus and Companions
St. Rufus and Zosimus
St. Rufus of Metz
St. Rufus of Rome
St. Rumon
St. Rupert
Bl. Rupert Meyer
St. Rupert of Salzberg
St. Rusticus of Narbonne
St. Sabas
St. Sabas
St. Sabas the Goth
St. Sabas Stratelates
St. Sabas of Serbia
St. Sabina
St. Sabinian of Troyes
Sts. Sabinian & Potentian
St. Sabinus
St. Sacerdos of Lyon
St. Saethryth
St. Sagar
St. Salaberga
Bl. Salomea of Poland
St. Salvatore
St. Salvator of Horta
St. Salvius of Albi
St. Samthann
St. Samthann
St. Sanctan
Sts. Sarbelius & Barbea
St. Saturnina
St. Saturninus
St. Saturninus
Sts. Saturninus & Sisinius
St. Satyrus of Milan
St. Sava
St. Savina of Milan
St. Scholastica
St. Seachnall
St. Sebald
St. Sebastian
St. Sebastian Nam
Bl. Sebastian Newdigate
St. Sebbi
St. Sebbi of Essex
St. Secundian
St. Secundinus
St. Secundus
St. Secundus
St. Seiriol
St. Senan
St. Senan
St. Senoch
St. Senorina
St. Senuthius of Buasti
St. Sequanus
St. Seraphim of Sarov
St. Seraphina
St. Serapia
St. Serapion
St. Serapion of Antioch
St. Serapion the Scholastic
St. Serena
St. Serenus the Gardener
St. Sergius of Radonezh
St. Sergius & Bacehus
St. Sergius
St. Sergius I
Sergius II
Sergius III
Sergius IV
St. Sergius of Radonezh
Sts. Servandus & Cermanus
St. Servatus
Bl. Severian Baranyk
St. Severinus of Noricum
St. Severinus
St. Severinus Boethius
Sts. Severinus, Exuperius, & Felician
St. Sexburga
Bl. Sidney Hodgson
St. Silas
St. Silverius
St. Simeon Barsabae and Companions
St. Simeon the Stylite
St. Simeon Metaphrastes
St. Simon
St. Simon de Rojas
St. Simon Berneux
Simon of Cyrene
St. Simon Hoa Dac Phan
St. Simon Stock
St. Simon Tceng
St. Simon Tsinn
St. Simon the Zealot
St. Simplicius
St. Sixtus I
St. Sixtus II
Sixtus IV
St. Solange
Venerable Father Solanus Casey
St. Solutor
St. Sophronius of Jerusalem
St. Soter
St. Spyridon of Tremithius
St. Stanislaus
Bl. Stefan Wincenty Frelichowski
St. Stephen
St. Stephen Min Kuk-ka
St. Stephen of Muret
St. Stephen of Mar Saba
St. Stephen of Obazine
St. Stephen the Great
St. Stephen Harding
St. Stephen I
Stephen III
Stephen IV
St. Stephen Theodore Cuenot
Stephen V
Stephen VI
Stephen VII
Stephen VII/VIII
St. Stephen Vinh
St. Susanna
St. Susanna U Surim
St. Suitbert of Kaiserwerdt
St. Swithun
St. Sylvester
Sylvester II
Sylvester III
St. Sylvia
St. Symmachus
St. Syncletica
St. Syncletica of Alexandria
St. Tanca
St. Tarasius
St. Tarsicius
St. Tarsilla
St. Tassach
St. Tatiana
St. Tatiana of Rome
St. Tatwine
St. Taurinus
St. Tchang-Hoai-Lou
St. Teath
St. Teilo
St. Telemachus
St. Telesphorus
St. Teodorico Balat
St. Terence
St. Terence
St. Terentian
St. Teresa of Avila
St. Teresa de los Andes
St. Teresa Kinn-Tsie
St. Teresa Margaret Redi
Bl.Teresa of Calcutta
St. Teresa of Jesus Jornet Ibars
St. Teresa of Portugal
St. Teresa Tchang-Hene-Cheu
St. Ternan
St. Thais
St. Thamel & Companions
St. Tharacus
St. Thecla
St. Thecla of Kitzingen
St. Theobald of Provins
St. Theobald of Marly
St. Theobald of Vienne
St. Theoctiste of Lesbos
St. Theodard of Maastricht
St. Theodemir
St. Theodora & Didymus
St. Theodora
St. Theodora of Alexandria
St. Theodore
St. Theodore of Chotep
Theodore I
Theodore II
St. Theodore of Egypt
St. Theodore of Studites
St. Theodore of Sykeon
St. Theodore of Tarsus
St. Theodore and Pausilippus
St. Theodore, Philippa, and Companions
St. Theodore Stratelates
St. Theodore and Theophanes
St. Theodoret of Antioch
St. Theodosia of Constantinople
St. Theodosius the Cenobiarch
St. Theodotus of Ancyra
St. Theodotus, Rufina, and Ammia
St. Theofrid (Chaffre) of Orange
St. Theofrid
St. Theonestus
St. Theophanes
St. Theophane Venard
St. Theophilus of Antioch
St. Theophilus
St. Theophilus of Alexandria
St. Theophilus & Helladius
St. Theophilus of Corte
St. Theophilus the Penitent
St. Theophylact of Nicomedia
St. Theotimus
St. Theotonius
St. Thephane Venard
St. Theresa Coudere
St. Therese of Lisieux
St. Thespesius of Cappadocia
St. Thethmar
Bl. Thiemo
St. Thomas
Bl. Thomas Atkinson
Bl. Thomas Percy
Bl. Thomas Abel
Bl. Thomas Alfield
St. Thomas Aquinas
St. Thomas Becket
Bl. Thomas Bosgrave
Bl. Thomas Cottam
St. Thomas Danki
St. Thomas De & Companions
St. Thomas Du
Bl. Thomas Felton
Bl. Thomas Ford
St. Thomas Garnet
Bls. Thomas Green, Thomas Scryven, and Thomas Reding
Bl. Thomas Hemerford
Bl. Thomas Holland
Bl. Thomas Johnson
St. Thomas Kozaki
St. Thomas More
St. Thomas of Dover
St. Thomas of Farfa Abbey
St. Thomas of Hereford
St. Thomas of Villanueva
Bl. Thomas Percy
Bl. Thomas Pickering
St. Thomas Sen-Ki-Kuo
St. Thomas Son Chason
St. Thomas of Tanphot
St. Thomas Thien Tran
Bl. Thomas Thwing
Bl. Thomas Toan
Bl. Thomas Tunstal
Bl. Thomas Warcop
Bl. Thomas Welbourne
Bl. Thomas Whitbread
Bl. Thomas Woodhouse
St. Thorfinn
St. Thorlac Thorhallsson
St. Thraseas
St. Thyrsus, Leucius, & Callinicus
St. Tiburtius
St. Tiburtius
St. Tigernach
St. Tikhon of Zadonsk
St. Timon
St. Timothy
St. Titian of Brescia
St. Titian of Oderzo
St. Titus
Bl. Titus Brandsma
St. Giuseppe Maria Tomasi
Bl. Tommaso Reggio
St. Toribio Alfonso de Mogrovejo
St. Torpes of Pisa
St. Torquatus
St. Tranquillinus

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Saint of the Day: St. Mark

St. Mark

The second Gospel was written by St. Mark, who, in the New Testament, is sometimes called John Mark. Both he and his mother, Mary, were highly esteemed in the early Church, and his mother's house in Jerusalem served as a meeting place for Christians there. St. Mark was associated with St. Paul and St. Barnabas (who was Mark's cousin) on their missionary ... continue reading

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St. Bernadette

St. Bernadette

On April 16, 1879, Bernadette -- or Sister Marie-Bernard, as she was known within her order -- died in the Sainte Croix (Holy Cross) Infirmary of the Convent of Saint-Gildard. She was thirty-five. Born into a humble family which little by little fell into extreme poverty, Bernadette had always been a frail child. Quite young, she had already suffered from ... continue reading

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St. Michael the Archangel

St. Michael the Archangel

St. Michael the Archangel - Feast day - September 29th The name Michael signifies "Who is like to God?" and was the warcry of the good angels in the battle fought in heaven against satan and his followers. Holy Scripture describes St. Michael as "one of the chief princes," and leader of the forces of heaven in their triumph over the powers of hell. He has been ... continue reading

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Saint Joseph's love for Jesus is worth of commemoration.
Is St. Joseph worthy of commemoration?

Today is the feast day of St. Joseph, which means this is the perfect time to check out our offerings of St. Joseph medals, prayer cards ... continue reading

Duc in Altum: Men, Put Out Into the Deep on the Feast of St Joseph

This model of Christian manliness recommends himself to us not for any strange or exciting things he did (because he really didn't) but ... continue reading

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St. Mark
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