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Saints with Images

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St. Mary Wang-Li-Cheu
St. Mary Yi Yon-hui
St. Mateo Correa Magallanes
St. Mateo Correa
St. Materiana
St. Maternus of Milan
St. Maternus of Cologne
St. Mathias Mulumba
St. Mathilda
St. Mathurin
St. Matilda
St. Matronian
St. Matthew
St. Matthew Alonso Leziniana
St. Matthew Alonso Leziniana
St. Matthew Gam Van Le
St. Matthew Phuong
St. Matthias
St. Matthias Murumba
Venerable Matt Talbot
St. Maura
St. Maura Troyes
St. Maurice
St. Maurus
St. Maurus
St. Maxima
St. Maximian of Ravenna
St. Maximilian Kolbe
St. Maximinus of Aix
St. Maximinus of Trier
St. Maximus of Naples
St. Maximus & Victorinus
St. Maximus of Turin
St. Maximus the Confessor
St. Mbaga Tuzinde
St. Mechtildis
St. Mechtildis of Helfta
St. Medard
St. Medericus
St. Meinrad
St. Mel
St. Melangell
St. Melania
St. Melania the Elder
St. Melanie
St. Melanius
Bl. Melchior of Saint Augustine
St. Melchoir Garcia Sampedro
St. Meletius of Antioch
St. Melitina
St. Melito of Sardis
St. Melito of Sardis
St. Mellitus of Canterbury
St. Menodora
St. Menas
St. Mercurialis of Forli
St. Mercurius
St. Merryn
St. Mesrop
St. Messalina
Sts. Cyril and Methodius
St. Methodius I
St. Methodius of Olympus
Bl. Dominik Trcka
St. Metrophanes of Byzantium
St. Michael the Confessor
St. Michael the Archangel
St. Michael de Sanctis
St. Michael Garicoits
Bl. Michael Ghebre
St. Michael Ho-Dinh-Hy
St. Michael My
St. Michael of Synnada
St. Michael of the Saints
Bl. Michal Kozal
Bl. Miguel de la Mora
St. Miguel Febres Cordero
Bl. Miguel Pro
St. Mildred
St. Mildred
St. Miltiades
St. Minias of Florence
St. Mirocles
Bl. Fr. Miroslav Bulesic
St. Modwenna
St. Monan
St. Monas
St. Monica
St. Mother Theodore Guerin
St. Moses
St. Moses the Black
St. Moses the Ethopian
St. Mugagga
St. Musa of Rome
St. Mutien-Marie Wiaux
Bl. Mykola Charnetsky
St. Nabor and Felix
St. Namadia
St. Narcisa De Jesus Martillo Moran
Bl. Narcisa de Jesus Martillo Moran
St. Narcissus
St. Narnus
St. Natalia of Nicomedia
Sts. Natalie & Aurelius
St. Nathanael
St. Nathy
Bl. Nazaria Ignacia March Mesa
St. Nazarius and Celsus
St. Nectan of Hartland
Bl. Nemesia Valle
St. Nemesius
St. Neot
Sts. Nereus & Achilleus
St. Nereus and Achilleus
St. Nerses the Great
St. Nicasius of Reims
Bl. Niceforo of Jesus and Mary
St. Nicetas
St. Nicetas of Remesiana
St. Nicholas
Bl. Nicholas Bunkerd Kitbamrung
Bl. Nicholas Charnetsky
St. Nicholas Chrysoberges
St. Nicholas I
Nicholas II
Nicholas III
Nicholas IV
St. Nicholas Owen
St. Nicholas Pieck
St. Nicholas The Duc Bui
St. Nicholas of Tolentino
Bl. Mykola Tsehelskyi
St. Nicholas V
St. Nicholas of Flue
Bl. Nicola of Gesturi
Bl. Nicolas Barre
Bl. Nicolas Roland
St. Nicomedes
Bl. Nicolas Steno
Bl. Nikolaus Gross
St. Nilus the Elder
St. Nilus the Younger
St. Nina
St. Ninian
St. Nino
St. Neol Chabanel
Bl. Noel Pinot
St. Noe Mawaggali
St. Non
St. Nonnus
St. Nonossus
St. Norbert
St. Notburga
St. Novatus
St. Obitius
St. Octavius, Solutor, and Adventor
St. Oda
St. Odilia
St. Odilo
St. Odilo of Cluny
St. Odo
St. Odo
St. Odo of Beauvais
Bl. Odoric of Pordenone
St. Odo the Good
St. Odulf
St. Jón Ögmundsson
St. Olaf
St. Olaf of Norway
St. Olaf of Sweden
Bl. Oleksa Zaryckyj
St. Olga
Bl. Olha Bida
St. Oliva
St. Oliver Plunkett
St. Olympias
St. Omer
St. Oncho
St. Onesimus
St. Onouphrius
Bl. Onufry Wasyluk
St. Opportuna
St. Optatus of Milevis
Bl. Osanna of Cattaro
St. Osmund of Salisbury
St. Oswald
St. Osyth
St. Othmar
St. Otranto Martyrs ~ Antonio Primaldo
Bl. Otto Neururer
St. Otto of Bamberg
St. Ouen
St. Pachomius
St. Pachomius
St. Pacian
Bl. Pacificus of Cerano
St. Padarn (Paternus)
St. Padre Pio
St. Paldo, Tato, and Taso
St. Palladius
St. Pammachius
St. Pancras
St. Pantaenus
St. Pantaleon
St. Pantalus
St. Paola Jeuris
Bl. Paolo Manna
St. Paphnutius
St. Papulus
St. Pardulphus
St. Paschal
St. Paschal Baylon
St. Paschal I
Paschal II
St. Paschasius Radbertus
St. Patapios Of Thebes
St. Patapius
St. Paternian
St. Paternian
St. Paternus
St. Patricia
St. Patrick
St. Patrick Tun
St. Patroclus
St. Patroclus
St. Paul
St. Paul Loc Van Le
St. Paul the Simple
St. Paula
St. Paula Frasinetti
St. Paul Aurelian
St. Paul Chen
St. Paul Chong Hasang
St. Paul of the Cross
St. Paul Denn
St. Paul Hanh
St. Paul Hong Yongju
St. Paul I
Paul II
St. Paulina
Bl. Pauline von Mallinckrodt
St. Paulinus of Nola
St. Paulinus of Trier
St. Paulinus of York
St. Paul Keue-T'Ing-Tchou
St. Paul Khoan Khan Pham
St. Paul Lang-Eull
St. Paul Liou-Tsinn-Tei
St. Paul Miki
St. Paul of Constantinople
St. Paul Ou-Kiu-Nan
St. Paul Ou-Wan-Chou
St. Paul I, Pope
St. Paul the Hermit
St. Paul the Simple
St. Paul Tong Buong
Bl. Pavel Djidjov
Bl. Pavol Peter Gojdi?
Bls. Pedro Ruiz de los Panos y Angel and Jose Sala Pico
St. Pedro Calungsod
St. Pedro de San Jose Betancur
St. Pedro Poveda Castroverde
St. Pega
St. Pelagia
St. Pelagia of Antioch
St. Pelagia of Tarsus
St. Pelagius of Constance
St. Pelagius of Cordova
Pelagius I
Pelagius II
Bl. Pepin of Landen
St. Peregrine Laziosi
St. Peregrinus of Auxerre
St. Perpetua Hong Kumju
St. Perpetuus
St. Peter
St. Peter of Saint Joseph Betancur
Bl. Peter Igneus
St. Peter Orseolo
St. Peter the Tax Collector
Sts. Peter Tu Van Nguyen and Jose Canh Luong Hoang
Bl. Peter Vigne
St. Peter, First Pope
St. Peter of Alcantara
St. Peter Arbues
Bl. Peter Armengol
St. Peter Aumaitre
St. Peter Baptist
St. Peter Canisius
St. Peter in Chains
St. Peter Chanel
St. Peter Ch'oe Ch'ang-hub
St. Peter Cho Kwaso
St. Peter Chong Wonji
St. Peter Chrysologus
St. Peter Claver
St. Peter Damian
St. Peter Domoulin Bori, Peter Khoa, and Vincent Diem
Bl. Peter Donders
St. Peter Duong
St. Peter Fourier
St. Peter Francis Neron
Bl. Peter Friedhofen
Bl. Peter Gonzales
St. Peter Gonzalez
St. Peter Henricus Dorie
St. Peter Hieu
St. Peter Igneus
St. Peter Julian Eymard
St. Peter Khanh
St. Peter Kwon Tugin
St. Peter Liou-Tzeu-U
St. Peter Li-Ts'Uan
St. Peter Maubant
St. Peter Nam Kyongmun
St. Peter Nolasco
St. Peter of Alexandria
St. Peter of Anagni
St. Peter of Rates
Bl. Peter of Castelnau
St. Peter of Damascus
St. Peter of Mount Athos
St. Peter of Tarantaise
St. Peter Quy
St. Peter Regulatus
St. Peter Rene Roque
St. Peter Ryau
St. Peter of Sebaste
St. Peter Son Sonji
St. Peter Tchang-Pan-Nieu
St. Peter Tchao-Ming
St. Peter Tchou-Jeu-Sinn
Bl. Peter the Hermit
St. Peter the Scribe
Bl. Peter the Venerable
St. Peter Thi
St. Peter Thomas
Bl. Peter To Rot
St. Peter Truat
St. Peter Tu
St. Peter Tu
St. Peter Tuan
St. Peter Tuy
St. Peter Tuy Le
St. Peter U-Ngan-Pan
St. Peter Urseolus
St. Peter Van
Bl. Peter Verhun
St. Peter of Verona
St. Peter Wang-OI-Man
St. Peter Wang-Tsouo Long
St. Peter Yi Myongs
St. Peter Yu Chongyul
St. Petroc
St. Petronilla
St. Petronius
St. Phaebadius
St. Phanurius
St. Pharaildis
St. Philemon
St. Philip
St. Philip Benizi
St. Philip the Deacon
Sts. Philip Evans & John Lloyd, Martyrs
St. Philip Howard
St. Philip Minh
St. Philip Minh Van Doan
St. Philip Neri
St. Philip of Agirone
St. Philip of Jesus
Bl. Philip Rinaldi
St. Philip Tchang
St. Philogonius
St. Philomena
St. Phocas the Gardener
St. Phocas of Sinope
St. Phocas of Antioch
St. Phocas the Gardener
St. Phoebe
St. Photina
St. Piaton
Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati
Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati
Bl. Pierino Morosini
St. Pierre-Francois Neron
Bl. Pierre Bonhomme
Bl. Pierre-Francois Jamet
Bl. Pietro Bonilli
Bl. Piety of The Cross
Bl. Pina Suriano
St. Pinnock
Bl. Pio Campidelli
St. Piran
St. Pirmin
St. Pius I
Pius II
Bl. Pius IX
St. Pius V, Pope
St. Pius X
St. Placid
St. Placide Viel
St. Plegmund
108 Polish Martyrs
St. Polycarp
St. Polycarp of Alexandria
St. Polycarp of Smyrna
St. Polychronius
St. Polyeuctus
St. Pontian Pope
St. Pontianus
St. Pontius of Carthage
St. Pontius of Carthage
St. Agapitus
St. Pope John I
St. Pope Victor I
St. Porphyry of Gaza
St. Pothinus
St. Praejectus
St. Praetextatus
St. Praetextatus (Prix)
St. Praxedes
Prayer to St. Francis of Assisi
Sts. Primus and Felician
St. Primus and Felician
St. Priscilla
St. Priscilla
St. Prix
St. Processus and Martinian
St. Procopius of Scythopolis
St. Procopius of Sázava
St. Proculus of Verona
St. Proculus of Bologna
St. Prosper of Aquitaine
St. Protase
St. Protasius Chong Kurbo
St. Protus and Hyacinth
St. Publius
St. Pudens
St. Pudentiana
St. Quadratus of Athens
St. Quaratus and Quintus
St. Quentin
St. Quiriacus and Julitta
St. Quirinus of Tegernsee
St. Quirinus of Siscia
St. Quiteria
Bl. Rabanus Maurus
St. Radbod of Utrecht
St. Radegunde
St. Rafael Arnaiz Baron
Bl. Rafael Chylinski
St. Rafael Guizar Valencia
St. Rafqa
Bl. Ralph Milner
St. Raphael
Bl. Raphael Kalinowski
St. Raymond Li-Ts'Uan
Bl. Raymond Lull
Bl. Raymond Lull
St. Raymond Nonnatus
St. Raymond of Barbastro
Bl. Raymond of Capua
St. Raymond of Pennafort
St. Regimbald
St. Regina
St. Regina
Bl. Regina Protmann
St. Regulus
St. Reineldis
St. Relindis of Maaseik
St. Remaclus
St. Remigius
St. Remigius Isore
St. Renatus
St. Restituta
St. Restituta
St. Rhipsime
St. Richard
St. Richard Gwyn
Bl. Richard Langhorne
St. Richard of Andria
St. Richard of Chichester
St. Riccardo Pampuri
St. Richard Reynolds
Bl. Richard Rolle de Hampole
Bl. Richard Whiting
St. Richard of Wyche
St. Rita
St. Rita Amada de Jesus
St. Rita of Cascia
St. Ritbert
St. Robert Bellarmine
St. Robert Lawrence
St. Robert of Newminster
St. Robert of Bury
St. Robert of Chaise Dieu
St. Robert of Molesmes
St. Robert Southwell
St. Roch

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Saint of the Day: St. George

St. George

Pictures of St. George usually show him killing a dragon to rescue a beautiful lady. The dragon stands for wickedness. The lady stands for God's holy truth. St. George was a brave martyr who was victorious over the devil. He was a soldier in the army of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, and he was one of the Emperor's favorite soldiers. Now Diocletian was a pagan ... continue reading

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St. Faustina Kowalska

St. Faustina Kowalska

Saint Faustina was born Helena Kowalska in a small village west of Lodz, Poland on August 25, 1905. She was the third of ten children. When she was almost twenty, she entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy, whose members devote themselves to the care and education of troubled young women. The following year she received her religious habit ... continue reading

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St. Michael the Archangel

St. Michael the Archangel

St. Michael the Archangel - Feast day - September 29th The name Michael signifies "Who is like to God?" and was the warcry of the good angels in the battle fought in heaven against satan and his followers. Holy Scripture describes St. Michael as "one of the chief princes," and leader of the forces of heaven in their triumph over the powers of hell. He has been ... continue reading

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Saint Joseph's love for Jesus is worth of commemoration.
Is St. Joseph worthy of commemoration?

Today is the feast day of St. Joseph, which means this is the perfect time to check out our offerings of St. Joseph medals, prayer cards ... continue reading

Duc in Altum: Men, Put Out Into the Deep on the Feast of St Joseph

This model of Christian manliness recommends himself to us not for any strange or exciting things he did (because he really didn't) but ... continue reading

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