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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Dear Heavenly Father,
    I pray that I feel beautiful on the inside and the out each and everyday. I pray that you fill this emptiness in my heart and allow me to meet my soulmate soon. I pray I have a safe trip back to California and I am very grateful to have this trip to be away from all that is mind boggling to me. Help me to treat willies cats with love and care while I\'m here. I pray I am able to fly home before next Monday. In Christ\'s name I pray-Amen
    Archangel Jophiel and archangels Haniel please be present and by my side always. Amen

    Send Jesse the message I love him with all my heArt and we will see each other soon even though he is incarsarated for a little while our love and bond is stronger than ever and we will be in love in each other arms again one day.

    Megan, 10/11/2014
  2. OH LORD PLZ TAKE CARE OFEVERYTHING I BEG U OH LORD plz make me to control my emotions i beg u oh lord

    ARN, 10/10/2014
  3. Dear Mother Mary, Thank you so much for helping me all this while. Please help my Sweety, Goldie to get adopted.Tell Jesus to heal my Prince and one eyed tom cat. Please help me get Romeo sterilized and Please heal his eyes.Teach my cats to urinate&pass stools int he mud¬ the staircasePass me in my Entrepreneurship exam,give me my MBA certification soon&punish that sir he wants to always get physical with girls, show him the Power&Justice of Your Son Jesus Christ and Yours too.Bless me with alot of wealth& make Your Signs& my Gift of Vision more clear. Help me to pay my dads money back&never ask money from him again. Help me to do the wedding planner course, fashion designing, fower&caking making,how to play the violin&earn from these skills&help me to buy a new mobile for me&my dad, a tablet, a laptop&a microwave.Guide me to a good place in America with the best airline to take cats in cabin and with a good tourism job, with a good place on rent andbuy my dream home. Bless my friends Laura, Tonya, Peggy, Maggie, Irene, Amy, Fr. Gilbert,Jeson&Aaron(give these boys their dream job) &heal Mitzie(she has very low blood pressure&heart rate all those who have helped me.Please help me

    Bonita, 10/10/2014
  4. Please pray for the emotional well being of my son Christopher. Also pray that he find a good friend and that he is a good friend.
    Thank you!

    Melanie, 10/10/2014
  5. Please pray for my daughter to have a safe trip back home? She is in NYC & Jersey. She said there was very bad turbulence on her flight & she was scared. She has fallen away from the church due to a lost relationship/she thought they would be married. She is lonely & wants a family. Please pray that God will allow her safely home & a future family. Thank you.

    Concerned Mom, 10/10/2014
  6. Please pray for me that i will be guided by the Holy Spirit in taking the philippine bar exam tomorrow oct 12,2014. May the Lord help in hive the best answer and recall what i have studied, keep me strong and free from anxiety and illness. Thank u.

    Mae jonabelle, 10/10/2014
  7. Please please please pray that I find a job soon. Also, please pray that my friends find jobs too. We are recent college grads and have had tough luck finding employment.

    E, 10/10/2014
  8. May I request for prayers n confine in the hospital due to cancer in his neck. God Bless my cousin brother Pedro to be completely healed, be back to a normal life and become more a God fearing man. Amen.

    Edmundo, 10/10/2014
  9. oh lord plz forgive my sins plz help us n guide us plz bring peace in our lives plz take care of everything i beg u oh lord plz bless us n help us

    ARN, 10/10/2014
  10. Our cousin Ruth is in desperate need of prayers.
    She has been diagnosed with a very aggressive thyroid cancer that has spread to her lungs and would appreciate everyone\'s prayers. She really needs all the prayer she can get. If you can ask others to pray as well. She\'s only in her 30\'s and has two small children.

    Also for Jamie. Her lungs started to collapse again and she had to go back to hospital to get drainage done. It has been a horrid recovery for her and it has tested her faith beyond anything.

    For baby Thaddeus. Ironically he had the same congenital heart defect as me but worse as he had to go in for another surgery and was told he might die. He is doing well but please pray he recovers with flying colors.

    For our cousin Daisy and our aunt. Her grandmother is on her death bed at this moment. Please pray for peace.

    And please keep my husband, son, and myself in your prayers.

    Sorry for the lengthy please for prayers. We all appreciate them <3

    Mart, 10/10/2014
  11. Please help me in my financial difficulties. I cherish to be financially independent and debt free. Thank you Lord.

    ttan, 10/10/2014
  12. oh lord plz take care of everything i beg uoh lord plz bless us n help us plz guide us plz bring peace in our lives plz take care foverything plz guid eus oh lord plz take care of everything plz bless us plz help us plz bring peace in our lives thx for everything

    ARN, 10/10/2014
  13. I request you in the name of Jesus Christ that Pray for me to get a job in Europe or USA soon and a loving life partner.

    Bibin, 10/10/2014
  14. Dear Lord, please melt the hardened and cynical hearts of my students. Teach them humility and gratitude. Help all my students do very well. Help me regain the self-respect that has been taken away from me for far too long. Amen.

    mctl, 10/10/2014

  15. Please pray that Christian and I be able to forgive each other, heal our broken hearts, and that God would allow us to finally have a relationship that\'s God-centered.

    Maria, 10/10/2014
  16. Please help me pray that my boyfriend aquiles will trust me and he will stop getting mad and jealous and please make him secure of my love. That we will have a peaceful relationship and our love will last forever. I ask this through our GOD JESUS CHRIST AMEN!

    liezyl, 10/10/2014
  17. I have brittle diabetes-have many highs and lows with my blood sugar-this makes me very nervous-please help me to deal with this problem.hopefully the doctor will be able to give be a solution soon. Thankyou

    Joanne, 10/10/2014
  18. Please God help my daughter with her depression, be there for her please and support her.

    sonia, 10/10/2014
  19. Dear Lord- Please pray for my husband John S- Please settle his mind, heart and soul-
    -He needs Your help -Please keep away all the evil that surrounds us- Please remove all the obstacles and injustices in his path-He is trying so hard-Amen Please bless all who read this and please bless the ones that they love-Amen

    Sandy, 10/10/2014
  20. Please, pray for me and for my girlfriend. I need to find a work soon, I pay child support & rent. My girlfriend goes out lots and I can\'t question her; she says it\'s her freedom time. She would rather not be my girlfriend than, tell me where or what she does. When she\'s invited to go to nightclubs if, I can\'t go she goes alone. It bothers me lots that, she dances with other men. I asked her to marry me and she said; don\'t take it that far. I asked; do you think sex is a sin? She said; no.. I asked; what happens to us when we die, what happens to our soul? She said; she doesn\'t know.. We\'re Catholics but, she likes going to Calvary Chapel church and she would rather listen to a Christian radio show; The Jesus Christ Show on Sunday mornings instead, of going to Mass.. Please, pray for us.. Thank you!

    Jesus, 10/10/2014
  21. Remove the obstacles to my becoming a warrior for Christ.

    John, 10/10/2014
  22. Dear Jesus and God Almighty,

    Thank you for the gift of life, food, family, friends, health, clothing, education, and shelter. I am extremely grateful to God.

    But everyday I live with the shame of having hurt people. My family will not allow me to contact them.

    But I humbly ask you God, heal Patricia, Joseph Waters, Richard, Geeta, Kristi, Sanjeev, Brian, the Rayans, the Chamis, the Sharifs, and Corey.

    Perhaps especially heal Patricia, Kristi, and Joseph Waters from the shame I caused.

    I feel so ashamed to this day of my mistakes.

    Have pity on me good Jesus. Have mercy on me.

    Please bless me with the teaching job and protect me from evil and danger.
    Or whichever job I do.

    Please show me how to be a good student and to not be a burden on anyone.

    Please heal M and I, T and L, M and L, M and T, Elizabeth and James from any fear and anxiety they have.

    I want God to have mercy on me and for me to make it up to everyone--especially Patricia and Joseph Waters--so that I can be productive and fruitful serving others.

    God grant me another chance please.

    Help me to finally pass my exam! This is my only chance.

    Lord hear my cry,

    Neil, 10/10/2014
  23. Lord Jesus, protect me from every temptation, from being influenced by the devil who is leading me in a negative direction. Send the Holy Spirit upon me Lord to lead me, direct me, guide me, speak through me, think through me and work through me. Help me be an asset to my employer, an instrument of peace, joy and love and a blessing to all. Bless my loved ones in every possible way and keep them in your care, fulfill their intentions. Lord make things happen to us according to your will and transform us to accept your will. I love you Lord and I need you every miomnet of my life

    anon, 10/10/2014
  24. I first and foremost give thanks my my GOD and Jesus Christ for all that I have, the good health of my family. I ask that he help me with my anxiety and give me the strenght and know how to hand all my worries and doubts to him. Fill my soul with his peace, love and patience. In Jesus name..Amen

    Norma, 10/10/2014
  25. A Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary - never found to fail
    O most beautiful Flower of Mt Carmel, Fruitful Vine, Splendor of Heaven;
    Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, Please assist me in my necessity.
    O Star of the Sea, help me, show me herein you are my Mother.
    (Make request)
    O, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth. I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to help me in this necessity, there are none that can withstand your power. (repeat 3 times)
    O show me herein you are my Mother; O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee; Sweet Mother, I place this cause in your hands. (Repeat 3 times).
    Sweet Mother, I place this cause in your hands. (Repeat 3 times).

    Say this prayer for 3 consecutive days and then publish it

    rh, 10/10/2014
  1. Prayer for my application and skedule onboard of my company

    edward, 10/10/2014
  2. lord give me the strength lord i know i have to repend people because thats my job lord help me ease everything through. as always i ask for prayers for the needs of my love ones my financial needs, my children, for all people who are ill, for our leaders church and goverment and for all the missionaries of the world i ask this in the name of our lord jesus crist precious blood amen.

    maria, 10/10/2014
  3. Please help my oldest daughter with her anxiety, which is holding her back from completing her PHd. Please help my son, he has so many problems with confidence. He needs a job. Please help me with my finances, I am too old to be working so hard.

    Micky, 10/10/2014
  4. Praying for the MasterCard Foundation International Scholarship, TOEFL IBT Test, SAT Test, and Peace of mind and health of Body.

    Anthony, 10/10/2014
  5. Dear Lord my God, I come to you today first thanking you for being my God & for all the good deeds in my life so far but I really need to have a definitive answer on the financial issues I have been praying for several years now. I would love to receive your response in order for me to know my prayers reached to you Lord. I am not ashamed to make it public rather I need the support of other believers so that I can glorify & praise your name with a humble and happy heart after all these years of suffering father. Amen & I love you

    Solange, 10/10/2014
  6. Jesus, thank you for another beautiful day. Prayers for those who try to deceive our nation. We will over come all are armor is stronger. We are not afraid, through him all is possible be prepared. Prayer for are soldiers who are in arms ways from disease bring them back safe and sound we asked this of the Lord. For all souls , for hunger. For all victims and their families, for Financial freedom, for all caregivers , for those who are separated from their families. Living in GOD\'S SIGHT!! God bless United States of America praise the land of milk and honey!!! AMEN!!!

    SMS, 10/10/2014
  7. Please pray that my son regain his inspiration and motivation so that he may achieve all the success he is capable of.

    Rose, 10/10/2014
  8. LORD, Thank you for blessing our family. We are so grateful to be blessed by your touch and power.
    My daughter Melissa is having blurring vision due to retinal blood vessel occlusion of the left eye. I begged the LORD for miracle healing to unclot / remove the blood clot and allow normal blood and oxygen flow to regain her normal vision. I pray that she will not have any side effect and will respond well with the injection for speedy recovery.
    I pray that there will not be any new or further complications but a complete healing on the eye.
    We put our trust and faith with the LORD that Dr Sharel C Ongchin. Dr Ronald Watson, Dr David White are the doctors that God has directed us to go, to diagnose and treat her and with the LORD miracle power to completely heal her, so that she will regain her normal vision. I have faith in the LORD that my prayers will be answered and GOD will touch her with his grace and power to heal her.
    In the name of the holy Father and Son Jesus. Amen!

    Philip, 10/10/2014
  9. Dear Heavenly Father,
    Thank you for all of the many blessings you have given and continue to give me each day. I am truly grateful for all of them, big and small. Please hear and answer the prayers of all on this site who cry out to you for your Divine Mercy. Please let my Dad\'s test today go well and show no evidence of cancer, and please let his procedure on 10/15 also go well and show no evidence of cancer. Please restore him and my daughter to full health. Please keep me and my family free of cancer and please heal my brother\'s back. Please assist me with my current financial problem. I humbly ask all of this in Jesus\' holy name, Amen.

    lisa, 10/10/2014
  10. Dear God, Heavenly Father, Sweet Jesus, Loving Lord, be with us I pray. Thank you for all our blessings and for blessings to come. Please take care of all our needs and concerns and safely guide us to our destination/s, today, tonight and tomorrow. Please help MR to stop being ab. Thanks be to God, your loving servant, Lorna, Amen

    Lorna, 10/10/2014
  11. THank you Lord! for prayer answered. PLease keep praying for my daddy as he has many complications

    Ana, 10/10/2014
  12. To help my daughter with her struggles with drug addiction

    Eileen, 10/10/2014
  13. For my Dad, for a lower heart rate as it is elevated and for the pressure to raise. also for his kidneys and lungs

    Ana, 10/10/2014
  14. God should change my Genotype to AA

    Aremu Tanwa Gift, 10/10/2014
  15. it has been long since our national team played in the Africa cup of nations. please as we play tomorrows game with togo we need nothing less than victory. may God grant us all 3 point success over togo, pray with us

    daniel, 10/10/2014
  16. Please heal my in our family lord us and keep us safe and strong please help me have courage and to forgive and give me a newbunderstanding your understanding. Please keep all people who do not walk in your light away from me. Please forgive them and heal them so they may live in your holy preious blood. Amen

    alex, 10/10/2014
  17. 1. God should help my spiritual life
    2. Let me locate my partner this year
    3. God should change my Genotype to AA
    4. God should see me through my education
    5. God should cancelled any spirit of doubt, backsliding and evil thinking in my life.
    Thank you and God will bless you abundantly.

    Aremu Tanwa Gift , 10/10/2014
  18. Oh God, I no longer know just how to get to You anymore. If this soes not work then i just don\'t see a way forward. We have put in so much and my brother is about to get involved....I am so full of anxiety........I just dont know what to do anymore.PLEASE help me. So desperate. So desperate

    rita, 10/10/2014
  19. Prayer to the Virgin Mary
    (Never known to fail)

    O most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruit of vine, splendorous of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in this my necessity.

    Oh Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein you are my mother. Oh Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I Humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succour me in this my necessity.
    There are none that can withstand your power. Oh show me here you are my mother. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (3x)
    Holy Mary, I place this prayer in your hands (3x)
    Thankyou for your mercy towards me and mine

    Prayer must be said for 3 days and then published and granted

    Domenica, 10/10/2014
  20. Please, pray for me and for my girlfriend. I need to find a work soon, I pay child support & rent. My girlfriend goes out lots and I can\'t question her; she says it\'s her freedom time. She would rather not be my girlfriend than, tell me where or what she does. When she\'s invited to go to nightclubs if, I can\'t go she goes alone. It bothers me lots that, she dances with other men. I asked her to marry me and she said; don\'t take it that far. I asked; do you think sex is a sin? She said; no.. I asked; what happens to us when we die, what happens to our soul? She said; she doesn\'t know.. We\'re Catholics but, she likes going to Calvary Chapel church and she would rather listen to a Christian radio show; The Jesus Christ Show on Sunday mornings instead, of going to Mass.. Please, pray for us.. Thank you!

    Jesus, 10/10/2014
  21. O God my Loving Father cover my son with the precious blood fo you beloved Son and protect my son. He is going through a very bad storm in his life. Please shelter and carry him through. God o
    I beg you to forgive the sins and shortcomings of my son. Forgive him the many times he does not use his head. Help him through those times O Lord. Guard him at those times and help him to ease those situations.

    Please hear my prayer.


    Shireen, 10/10/2014
  22. Pray for me to get visa with my child to go back to sweden to my husband.we did interviews when we came back to kenya from sweden but the decision has delayed for almost seven month now.please for us.

    Alice, 10/10/2014
  23. In the name of the Lord Jesus, I ask for protection for our son.i ask that he might learn to be non-violent, to be free of drugs use and excessive alcohol. I pray that he will be able to secure employment next week and can manage any difficult situations in relationships. Thank you Lord for the gift of faith and hope and love only sourced through you.
    I appreciate all good gifts that you give me like clean air, a comfortable bed, employment,food,nature,values, creativity. Thank you for your everlasting love even when I do not feel love I know in my heart that you are steadfast. I pray that the lives of the poor in our world will be remediated not through war but through non-violence - Lord bless us all.

    Chris, 10/10/2014
  24. Lord please forgive me for my sins and continue to bless me and my dad , relatives , pets , friends and workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health especially with my dad mental condition please keep him safe , give me strength to face all my challenges and away from trouble , please lord bless my financial and love life . Give me sign of hope my lord. Amen

    Rodger, 10/10/2014
  25. For the feast of sto. rosario of Cubay sermon,Sibalom,Antique
    for my family and their daily needs......
    to my work...
    thanks to god

    Ray alvin Obejuela, 10/10/2014

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