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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Jesus, I humbly pray that you protect me from my enemies who wish me harm and practice witchcraft\". They are angry and hostile because they are not happy are taking all of there problems out on me. I\'m pregnant they do not care. I pray I may get. Restrain order and sue. Holy Spirit please cleanse me from evil and there evil tongue in Jesus name.

    Patricia, 9/9/2014
  2. O God you are the only source of health and healing, the Spirit of calm and the central peace of this universe, grant to my daughter such a consciousness of Your indwelling and surrounding presence that she may permit You to give her health and strength and peace, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    Please pray for my daughter who has a severely sprained ankle and needs quick and rapid healing. She is trying out for her college gymnastics team and she will not be able to do if she can\'t tumble and bear weight. Tryouts are the beginning of April so I am asking all to pray for very rapid healing. This will not benefit us financially as she is not receiving a scholarship - it\'s just her dream to compete at the college level. Thank you.

    Laurie, 9/9/2014
  3. well im 14 and my friend said wanna try weed and I really have a hard time saying no but I have not done it yet and then I have a bad promble with saying bad words and I don\'t wanna bully no more and I have try to cute kill myself everyone is bullying me and I bullying them and im losing everyone please I need help I need jesus back in my hear

    judy, 9/9/2014
  4. God, please give my son strength to overcome his addiction with alcohol. He\'s depressed and withdrawn. He feels that his life serves no purpose. I pray that he will see how special he is to his family and everyone who knows him. Please help him to that he has a purpose and that God is here for him.

    Mac, 9/9/2014
  5. Please pray for my broken family especially for my husband who is going through a hard time all due to my selfishness and stupidity. I hurt my husband by having an affair with a man who I thought provided me emotional support and comfort. I realize now that I made a huge mistake and I will accept the consequences of my actions. I pray that my husband may one day forgive me and would choose to work on our marriage instead of opting for the divorce that he is wanting. Please pray that my heart and soul remain in The Lord and that I may be cleansed spiritually from my sins. Please also pray that this man stay away from me and leave me alone. Dear God, I am sorry that I hurt you, hurt the man you chose for me, hurt my children. I willingly accept to accept the punishment that is to come and I am ready for you to come into my heart and keep my eyes and heart and mind on you. Please give me strength to endure the hard days ahead. I love you Lord. Amen.

    Faye, 9/9/2014
  6. o Dear God please take my Depression from my mind and body in the name of jesus amen.

    PAT, 9/9/2014
  7. St. Michael the Archangel defend us in battle against the wickedness and snares of the devil May God rebuke The evil one we humbly pray and may you O Prince of heavenly hosts by the power of God thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits Who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. AMEN

    A, 9/9/2014
  8. I need help for my son has I am unable to help him with is drug addiction,he is struggling and wants to quit.Please help me with guiding him I am so worried.

    Sylvie, 9/9/2014
  9. I pray for my friend who has had a brain tumour for a couple of years now. I pray that God will heal him and make the tumour go away. I pray that God will answer this prayer and use it for the glory of His name. Amen

    Maria , 9/9/2014
  10. Dear lord, Please you know what is in my heart. Please I beg for this favor. Bring Paul back into my life.

    Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

    Philippians 4:6

    Christine, 9/9/2014
  11. Dear friends, my name is Guendoline, and I need to do something very important for my married and our future with my husband, but I need the help of God to do my documents, I do not have confidence of myself, I\'m not a clever person, so I need please you pray for me and help me to recieve from God the wisdom, the confidence and intelligence to do what I have to do. Thank you so much

    Guendoline, 9/9/2014
  12. I am requesting prayer for my children and myself, to be kept together and to be given another chance to show I am a responsible mother and caregiver and to not keep a vengeance against those who have negative felling or ill will against me. thank you all and thank you God for your endless mercy.

    stephanie, 9/9/2014
  13. Please world please pray to God that he would heal my wife of liver failure & heal her back to good health & bring her back to me where she could be a witness for God in Jesus name Amen!


    John, 9/9/2014
  14. praise and thanksgiving to you my loving JESUS please dear JESUS please help my son jessy to get a diploma LOVING LORD please help jessy, please help jessy to get a job, please LORD please provide for jessy all of his life pretty please with sugar on top please help jessy LORD hear my prayer

    kathy, 9/9/2014
  15. Lord please forgive me and bless me and my dad , relatives , friends , pets with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health amen

    Rodger, 9/9/2014
  16. Dear God
    Please heal my dad Paul Ferreira of his cancer once and for all. Amen

    Tina, 9/9/2014
  17. Dear Lord, thank you for everything that you have given my family and I. I pray, that you continue to bless and help us in our daily struggles. I especially pray for our Fijian Brothers who are kept as hostages at Golan Heights. I pray for their protection and release back to Fiji. I love you and I thank You.

    Menani, 9/9/2014
  18. That no jail time for r R stays strong. And thank to all my angels that are taking care of him

    M, 9/9/2014
  19. Pls pray for me and our family for our protection against anyone harming us and also to find a property for us to live in and a good school. God bless!

    julie, 9/9/2014
  20. Abba Father, I love you deeply and I have faith that you are always with me, guiding me, protecting me and leading my path. I seek your continued graces and guidance as I walk through my path of life. I ask you Abba to transform every need, emotion, desire, feeling or attachment that originates from me to be completely bounded and restricted by your plans for me, by your will because I know what you plan for me is the best for me. I ask you Abba to give me strength to cross all the hurdles and overcome trials that come across my path of following you. Abba I ask for wisdom, knowledge, confidence, abilities and tools to be successful in every task assigned to me so I can be an asset to my employer and client. Abba, I feel a bit disappointed as I was removed from one of my pet projects but I know this is according to your plans and that you have something really good for me which is better for me than this project and with this in mind, I am working to lift myself up and place all my faith in your and in your plans for me. Abba, I am sad that my emotional attachment has not given me the joy that I was expecting and it didn\'t turn out to be more stable and again, I know, Abba, that you have better things planned for me. I seek blessings on all my loved ones and I entrust them all in your care. Send the Holy Spirit upon me Abba so that I am constantly protected and guided and led on the right path. I surrender myself to you along with my fears, anxieties, stress, sadness, disapointments and ask you to transform them all for me, according to what is best for me. Thank you Abba for every blessing you have showered upon me

    anon, 9/9/2014
  21. Dear God, Heavenly Father, Sweet Jesus, Loving Lord, be with us I pray. Thank you for all our blessings and for blessings to come. Please continue to watch over us and keep us safe. Thanks be to God, your loving servant, Lorna, Amen

    Lorna, 9/9/2014
  22. Dear Lord I thank you for the good health of my unborn child and wife\'s health. I pray for your intervention in the medical board investigation. Please allow me to continue work in my current job so I will be able to look after my family and those overseas. I ask this through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


    Peter, 9/9/2014
  23. That my daughter stop drinking, doingdrugs andaccept responsibilities for her actions That she be filled with the Holy Spirit and use her goodness to heal herself then help others. That my husband and I stay together through this.

    Cindy, 9/9/2014
  24. Please pray for Vocation Awareness on Sept 11th in our Diocese Schools, for renewal in our Catholic Schools, Parishes and Diocese--Thank you!

    SarahD, 9/9/2014
  25. Dear Jesus, please heal my beloved husband in the nursing home. Please heal my hernia. Please give us favor in our legal problems.

    Patricia, 9/9/2014
  1. Dear GOD please help me in my everyday life especially that I\'am in the foreign land. Please help me to survive everyday in this country without my family at my side. Please help me in my job everyday because I need to have a good sale and do correctly whatever task that they give me because I know anytime they can pull me out of this job and send me home. Help me please because I know you know that I badly needed this job not just for me but also to my family so I can support their needs and wants. LORD GOD I believed that you know me from the strands of my hair up to my toes and I\'am begging you to help me especially at my job. I pray also that you open the mind and the hearts of our managers and colleague that they should understand me in any way. I prayed to you LORD GOD to please keep me and my family always healthy and keep them safe especially my dad, mom, sister. niece sophia, brother-in-law, grandmother and my aunt edna. Lastly, I prayed for my inner soul and happiness that I may found the happiness that I\'m longing for. I prayed that I will found my true happiness in the form of a man that I will be forever partner and that man would be Kim Hyun Joong. He is the man that I wanted to be my forever partner because looking into his eyes I know that he is kind, caring , loving and understanding man. LORD GOD even though I have too many request I\'m still thankful for each and everyday blessings that I received from YOU. I put everything in your almighty hands and I believed that you are always with me. In your ALMIGHTY NAME. AMEN!!.

    Sharon Morales, 9/9/2014
  2. My prayer request: I (Oswaldo); ask, believe, and expect from the Lord, by His grace, mercy and favor; His help to release my anxiety, fears, and worries; and truly rest in Him. So be it.-

    Oswaldo, 9/9/2014
  3. Save me lord solve my problems please forgive me Jesus

    Fozia, 9/9/2014
  4. My mother Jody is 52 years young. She takes care of my 24 year old severely autistic brother. She\'s my best friend and she has a huge giving heart and loves me, my husband and our 4 kids. She also has been married to my dad for 30+ years. The reason for the prayer, the special intention ...we took her to the ER Sunday night but she was soon admitted to the oncology floor. They\'ve biopsied her liver and I\'m hoping it\'s not too serious. There are so many who love her, lean on her and we want many more years with her sweet humorous spirit. Thank you.

    Kayla, 9/9/2014
  5. Lord thank you for all the blessings you have given me. Lord I ask your people to please pray for me. Lord please have mercy on me and help me reach my goal. Lord please guide me to financial security so I my keep my children. Lord please allow me a chance. Amen

    Tracy, 9/9/2014
  6. I pray that I have no anxiety today

    Maria, 9/9/2014
  7. thank you god for helping me get back to college and study. Thank you (especially st judas) for praying for me and helping me to complete my chemistry transition homework. I hope i will get a good mark for it. God, i am offering my lessons tomorrow, especially my first A2 chemistry- please be with me and help me to answer the questions correctly. I pray for a good day and i ask you to help me during my psychology lessons. I praise you lord for all your help in my life. I love you God.

    Ashly, 9/9/2014
  8. lord give me the strength to continue working give me the intelligence lord to teach others, thank you for all of your blessing, as always lord i ask for prayers for the needs of my love ones, my financial needs, for my children for our leaders of this world, and for the missionaries of the world i ask this in the name of our lord jesus crist precious blood amen.

    MARIA, 9/9/2014
  9. Dear Jesus, my son was fired from his job several months ago and had become very depressed and unsure of himself. He is heavily in debtband had to move back home. I am trying to help him financially, but I need help too. I am at falling in to despair and need your help dear God. Please hear my prayers. Thank you dear God.

    Jeanette, 9/9/2014
  10. Please pray for my nephew Bobby. Please Lord let him get off of probation.
    He has done his time. Let him make his life better. Amen

    Ramona, 9/9/2014
  11. Dear God, I thank you for always being there for me. Only You, Oh God, who I trust for You are faithful even if I stray so many times. I lift up to you my mom who is sick and my youngest sister ... they had an exchange of words last week and both of them got hurt. Soften the heart of my sister that she will accept my mom\'s apology. I know that both of them are hurting inside ... Lord Jesus, pls let them reconcile soon.

    I ask this is Jesus name and the intercession of the Blessed Mother. Amen.

    Nets, 9/9/2014
  12. Please pray for Alexis and Dominik for their love for one another be strong and one that is of a loving and caring for one another.Let him forsake all others and want just her in his life.Let their love grow stronger and stronger for one another.Pray he forsakes all others and not be tempted by another.Lt him find a job that he is happy with here so he can stay and have a home life with her.Pray Alexis is less judgmental and more sympathetic to him.Guide them and keep them close to each others hearts and minds.

    paula, 9/9/2014
  13. Please pray for my husband Paul that he stop being such a mean person.Please help stop blaming me for everything an including which one of the pet bunnies did to one of the fish tank cords.Please help him control his anger issues.I do n t like it when he forgets about getting someone or the kids birthday gift.An pray for my kids to do good in school.

    cindy, 9/9/2014
  14. Please include my prayers healing of my husband from gout and other illness, healing of my mother in law from cancer, healing of my cousin from cancer, healing of my uncle .. Please hear our prayer lord jesus, and all the saints. .

    don, 9/9/2014
  15. Please prove my lovely daughter\'s eye cyst to be benign.

    eloise, 9/9/2014
  16. Please pray for our boys we are expecting twins in January and it is at the beginning of a miscarriage today please pray we need a miracle

    Kirk & Leslie , 9/9/2014
  17. Father Almighty, I humbly ask for your guidance in my everyday review. give me courage to pursue what my heart desires. supply me with enough wisdom to answer the questions correctly. Father God, I ask this not only for my review but until the date of my exam. Also Father, I ask you to please direct my path to where am I supposed to be through your will. I believe that with you nothing is impossible and I affirm with your mercy. Oh Lord I am ready to receive your blessing. Please hear my prayer.

    Ezra, 9/9/2014
  18. Thank you, as always, for all my gifts. Please pray for my daughter M that she may find her way back to the Church and find love, companionship and the spouse set aside for her. Please pray that E&M untie the knots that separate themselves from each other. I pray for my children always

    DN, 9/9/2014
  19. Please pray for my sister\'s(O) husband (V), he fell in depression after his mothers passing.Please pray for him to get better and guide him on a right path. Thank you.

    natalie, 9/9/2014
  20. Pray for successful caesarean operation on Thursday September 11th and for me and my baby to come out in good health without complication in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

    Angela, 9/9/2014
  21. Please pray with me that the girl I love will make her decision ... if she wants to be with me, please pray she commits to me and to spending time and developing the love and relationship. If she does not want to be with me then to let me know for sure so I stop hurting waiting and hoping for love. Please pray that the financial issues resolve quickly and she makes a clear decision very soon - it is hurting me so much to be in this uncertainty. I pray and ask for your prayers - Dear Lord, Please Help Me and Please Guide Her.

    Tom, 9/9/2014

    robbin, 9/9/2014
  23. Dear, Lord I thank you for keeping my unborn child healthy, I pray for your intervention in the medical board investigation. Please allow me to continue working in my current job so I can look after my family and those overseas. I ask this through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


    Peter, 9/9/2014
  24. Dear God, Heavenly Father, Sweet Jesus, Loving Lord, be with us I pray. Thank you for all our blessings and for blessings to come. Please take care of all our needs and concerns and safely guide us to our destination/s, today, tonight and tomorrow. Us and we being
    Please bless us and watch over and help us all to live long healthy happy normal autonomous lives well into our e\'s. Please help JR & MR. Help MR to stop being ab. Thanks be to God, your loving servant, Lorna, Amen

    Lorna, 9/9/2014
  25. Dear St. Jude please pray for me & pass on my message to the Lord dear Saint.My message is.Jesus my only support.I love you,please forgive me,thankyou so much.Jesus Christ I invite you along with Father God,Holy Spirit,All Angels & Saints for miracles in my life regarding my marriage.Lord you know,the man Bhaskar, who I & my family met few months back for arrange marriage has not replied to us at all.Lord I found him decent.Lord but you know the reality. Nothing is hidden from you,if he is decent,conventional,virgin,has a long life & if he will believe, love & support me as his lady.Please bless me with him as my husband forever & ever.Cleanse both of us,our families,our ancestors in your precious blood fill all of us with your Holy Spirit forever & ever.Let we have true soul-mate relationship with eachother throughout our married life & live a protected,blessed life with each other forever & ever.I believe in you Lord.Amen!!!

    Jyoti, 9/9/2014

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