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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Please pray for good health for my family. Please pray we receive the miracles desperately needed to pay our debts and save our home.

    Karin, 10/21/2014
  2. Miraculous Prayer:
    Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked you for many favors.This time I ask this special one(mention it).Take it dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it.Then in his mercifull eyes it will become your prayer not mine.AMEN
    Say this prayer for three days,promise publication and favor will be granted.
    Never known to fail!

    Ana, 10/21/2014
  3. I feel weak and uncertain. My family and work needs wealth and success.I need freedom from debt. Please help us to start a new life immediately.My daughter is obese and suffers from psoriasis. Please give her health. Urgent help is requested.I am hoping for miracle to save us. Please protect us.and send us your riches and blessings.

    Shiv Kumar, 10/21/2014
  4. Thank you Lord for all you do for this unworthy servant.Amen

    Miguel, 10/21/2014
  5. Lord please forgive me and bless ,e and my dad , relatives , pets , friends with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , please give me strength and sign of hope amen.

    Rodger, 10/21/2014
  6. I thank god with all of my heart for the results my dad recieved from his biopsy. Please please pray for his surgery to go smoothly without complications.

    Also if you wouldn\'t mind praying for me (I hate asking for myself but I\'m in extreme need) I\'ve been extremely sick for the past few years have under gone many brain surgeries and other surgeries. I really need help with prayers to get my full health back and give me an end to my bad luck. Please pray for my physical health and give me strength mentally to deal with everything.

    Thank you everybody, I\'m praying for as many requests as possible!!!!!!

    Ash, 10/21/2014
  7. heal CM,let K find a place to live,let me escape without drama, money,new job. I want to go home to die.

    Lisa , 10/21/2014
  8. oh lord plz make me to get my money back i beg u oh lord

    arn, 10/21/2014
  9. Pray for my wife who is overseas in her home country. Pray for protection and deliverance from depression and bitterness and that she will draw close to God in faith and obedience.

    mike, 10/21/2014
  10. My husband gets angry easily, and attempts to talk to me about it, but he is not always through and clear, so if I do the same thing again, he treats it like I don\'t get it and starts saying he doesn\'t want to deal with me anymore or be together. I don\'t know how to get him to understand that I care and that it wasn\'t clear to me before. I constantly feel like satin is trying to threaten our marriage in anyway. It\'s a huge struggle. Please pray for us!

    K, 10/21/2014
  11. Thank you for granting me good health all this month and continue to do so lord,
    pray for my sister jane who is sick so that she can get healed through your blood and poer God.
    help me aslo to secure job and get some money to boost my daily needs and help my siblings pay them their fees.Lord hear my humble prayer and may your will be done.....

    alice, 10/21/2014
  12. Dear Mother Mary, Thank you so much for helping me all this while. Please help my Sweety, Goldie to get adopted, if sweety inst going to heal then its best to take her soul I cant bare to see her suffering.May Ur will be done.Tell Jesus to heal my Prince and one eyed tom cat. Please help me get Romeo sterilized, heal his eyes & make them to stay in my building.Teach my cats to urinate&pass stools int he mud the staircase & make them to stay in my building Pass me in my Entrepreneurship exam,give me my MBA certification soon&punish that sir he wants to always get physical with girls, show him the Power&Justice of Your Son Jesus Christ and Yours too.Please make my neighbour Renita and her family so busy that they accidently dont pass by my fly and visa versa. Please dont allow a big commotion to take place bcaz of my father and Jesus Please take charge of the situation Make both the families not to cross each other or even meet each other.Bless me with alot of wealth& make Your Signs& my Gift of Vision more clear.bless me with a good tourism job close to my house. Help me to pay my dads money back&never ask money from him again. Help me to do the , fashion designing, fower&caking making,how to play the violin&earn from these skills&help me to buy a new mobile for me&my dad, a tablet, a laptop&a microwave.Guide me to a good place in America with the best airline to take cats in cabin and with a good tourism job, with a good place on rent andbuy my dream home. Bless my friends Laura, Tonya, Peggy, Maggie, Irene, Amy, Fr. Gilbert,Jeson&Aaron(give these boys their dream job) &heal Mitzie(she has very low blood pressure&heart rate all those who have helped me.Please help me

    Bonita, 10/20/2014
  13. Brothers pray for me and my son to the Lord that he may be accepted back to school tomorrow. He sneaked from school after getting the wind that the boys were going to beat him up. They were discussing with a friend of his for exams on his bed and when they blacked out and slept. Other boys suspected that they were doing the unthinkable. After talking to my extensively, he told me there was nothing that they did but the issue went viral in school and he sneaked out. This being a young boy of 18 years, pray to the Lord that he may guide him in the right paths, and in ways that glorify the Lord. We have a meeting at the school tomorrow which has been investigating the matter and I pray for a favourable outcome where he will be given a second chance as he is about to complete his high school education next year. Pray too for peace of mind, I raise son and daughter alone after their dad abandoned us and it is a great challenge. It is not easy being a single parent with all the responsibilities with an absent Father. May this challenge build in us life virtues of fortitude and counsel so that despite all the hurdles, we will become better christians with a deeper relationship with God. May our Lady, you who accepted all the challenges that came through your life with humility and came out victorious, pray for us to your son that we too may sail through the pains and agonies of life with humility and courage knowing that God is walking us through it all. Amen

    Nancy, 10/20/2014
  14. Lord, please help us with our financial needs. Please provide us for the payment of our rent, children school fees, electric bills, credit cards and family needs. I am asking your divine intervention for the promotion of my husband. I thank you Lord for the increase I will be receiving at the end of this month. I surrender all I have to you Lord. I know that nothing is impossible with YOU.

    Terry, 10/20/2014
  15. Is God closing a door that He once opened for me? I\'ve done a good job I\'ve been told by my assoc. pastor however a few new parents seem to find things they want changed and just as they want them and are willing to get disrespectful and judgemental about how I direct the Nursery of our church. This has happened a couple times in 7 yrs. I have been asked to prayerfully consider my continuance as Nursery Director because she doesn\'t want to see me get beat up. She thinks this will resolve some issues if they get a new Director. Thank you for hearing my concern. I have enjoyed this position however I believe the church should be a happy place to worship in. She has asked me to be a worship leader or to visit the homebound.

    sherry, 10/20/2014
  16. Please pray for my friend Marlene who is experiencing liver issues for now apparent reason. Initially she was diagnosed with a form of Hepatitis It turns out that it is not. New lab work has been requested. We wait...and pray.

    Deb, 10/20/2014
  17. Lord Jesus, with my folded hands on the lotus feet of Jesus, please bestow mercy upon me and my family. and send us a miracle to get my wages arrears pending since 8 years and order my previous employer to make payment amounting to appx. Rs. 8,00,000/- . I am facing financial troubles. Your urgent miracle and support is needed Lord. Pl bless us with this for this Diwali as your divine Gift.- Amen.

    M veerabhadrappa, 10/20/2014
  18. Please pray for me, I have a meeting on October 28th and I need everything to go well for me. I need the people that will be listening to me to be understanding.

    Stephanie, 10/20/2014
  19. Please pray for Vincent, whose first day of a new job had many problems and caused him great anxiety and worry. May your intercession on his behalf grant him a successful second day tomorrow, and a more successful career with this company.

    Marion, 10/20/2014
  20. Forgive me, God, for being so immersed in my own work that I had no time to give anyone else a helping hand.

    Sm, 10/20/2014
  21. Please correct: \"Angel of God, who do away with the world┬┤s evils\"

    Daniel, 10/20/2014
  22. Hello - In your charity would you pray for my Aunt Eleanor who has congestive heart failure and her son, Karl.
    Oremus pro invicem.


    Jim, 10/20/2014
  23. Holy one Jesus shelter me from the evil one shed thy dew upon me to calm my soul and dwell in me fully that I entirely love thee. GOD BLESS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! WE WILL BE FREE!!! Stand up for America!!! Blessed be God!! AMEN!!!

    Md, 10/20/2014
  24. Pray for Richard,tomorrow he is having kidney surgery
    Gods Blessings to all

    Richard, 10/20/2014
  25. THE MIRACULOUS PRAYER -Drear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favors. This time I ask this special one {mention it}.Take it dear heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it.
    Then in his merciful eyes it will become your prayer, not mine,Amen. Say this prayer for three days,promise publication and favor will be granted.
    God Bless

    Greg, 10/20/2014
  1. 10/20/14
    Prayer request from Sean in Santa Clara, Ca.
    Please pray for the Lord\'s full household salvation, complete healing and good health, and protection for me (Sean) and all my family and relatives. Please pray for God\'s physical healing for me (Sean), my mom Patricia, my sister Kathleen, and all who are with us. Thank you.

    Sean, 10/20/2014
  2. For God\'s intervention on Ann Marie\'s life and Fr. Kale Francis

    daniela, 10/20/2014
  3. Please pray for my husband and my family. His depression has returned although he is taking his mess and receiving counselling. There are some financial difficulties. With your divine mercy oh lord please bless and protect our family at this time . I look to you for guidance strength and support. I ask this through Christ our lord.

    Rebecca, 10/20/2014
  4. Lord God, Please help me to pass my Driver license exam..In Jesus Name..Amen..

    IRENE, 10/20/2014
  5. Please Lord, let me be with Hayley, the woman you have preordained to be with. I was supposed to meet her for the first time last Saturday but something in her personal life had prevented us to meet. I\'m supposed to try again this week but I am scared it won\'t happen again. This is where I ask you to increase my faith into you and help us unite so we can be happy and do your good work together as you intended. She was SO disappointed we did met in L.A. like we planned. I put my worries and concerns to you. Please let us meet this week so both us can be happy and we can lead the lives WE want to and be marry and have a happy family. In Jesus Christ name I pray, amen.

    Kenneth, 10/20/2014
  6. Father please heal Daniel who was badly injured in a motorcycle accident and Angie who awaits the results of her scan on the health of her unborn baby. Lord keep them in your love and care through Christ our Lord

    J, 10/20/2014
  7. Please pray for my sister Leslie Luck. She has been in the hospital for a week from a 10 hr major surgery that has left her in extreme pain. She can not eat or drink because of nausea and pain. Please pray for a pain free speedy healing and that the Lord will give her favor with the doctors and nurses. Thank you

    tammy, 10/20/2014
  8. I am struggling on so many levels. please pray for me.

    Barbara, 10/20/2014
  9. Our Father who art n Heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bred and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and led us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours now and for ever.

    Mary, 10/20/2014
  10. pray for me to resolveall my money problems and for my daughter to get her social secrurity benefits its all makes me very nervous.

    anne, 10/20/2014
  11. Please help me pray as I seek for an employment that fits my qualification. I just got out from school and I need to look for a job to pay off my bills that I\'ve used for school. I hope that God will guide me and provide me the work that suits me. Mama Mary please intercede with our prayers. God please hear our prayers. I ask this in Jesus name and the Holy Spirit. Amen! Thank you so much...

    Chris, 10/20/2014
  12. Lord thank you for hearing my prayers and granting them. I am not sure how, with all of the craziness and problems in the world, you choose to hear my prayers. I am so humbled and grateful. My life will change as a result in a positive way. All praise, glory and honor are yours now and forever...

    cindy, 10/20/2014
  13. Please pray that Catherine will have a safe trip and pass her review. Thank you and God bless you.

    catherine, 10/20/2014
  14. please pray for our grandchildren, one is 7 months old, Mariah, and she is in hospital with pneumonia, the other is Jayden and has same symptoms.

    Tony, 10/20/2014
  15. I pray that God will have mercy on me with the chemistry test this thursday- please help me to perform well in it. Jesus please have mercy on my studies

    ashly, 10/20/2014
  16. for financial help and peace in my family\'s hearts, Pope Francis\' intentions, Mercy for the holy souls in purgatory thank you

    Erik, 10/20/2014
  17. oh lord plz make me to get my money back i beg u oh lord

    arn, 10/20/2014
  18. Lord, please heal Mary. Give her strength, patience, and understanding through this hard time. Mary is a mother, daughter, and wife. She is an amazing women and we need her with us here on Earth. Please help her have a successful surgery and radiation/chemotherapy process. She deserves the best in the world! Please cure her tumor. We love her so very much. We ask that you comfort her in this time and strengthen her body and mind. Amen

    Mary, 10/20/2014

    victor, 10/20/2014
  20. Please my God my daughter needs your help with her depression, be there for her and support her, you are my hope for a better life for her, she loves you.

    sonia, 10/20/2014
  21. Mama Mary, help us in our financial problems. All the bills are coming and I don\'t have enough to pay all of these. Help us to overcome all of these through your intercession and through your son, Jesus Christ our Lord. I know in my heart that nothing is impossible with God. Amen.

    Terry, 10/20/2014
  22. lord help through this whole mess that is going at work lord help me understand find the errors as always lord i ask for prayers for the needs of my love ones, my financial needs, for my children o lord especially Isaac he needs your help, for the missionaries of the world, for our leaders government and church and for the people who are sick i ask this in the name of our lord jesus crist amen.

    maria, 10/20/2014
  23. Lord please forgive me and bless me and my dad , relatives , pets , friends and workplace with peace m safety , grace , happiness and good health , give me strength and sign of hope my lord amen.

    Rodger, 10/20/2014
  24. For r that the courts are understanding and give no jail or prison confinement ..probation please pray. We are at your mercy dear lord. Work miracles

    M, 10/20/2014
  25. I pray for my daughter will not be confused from the lies of the enemy, I pray for the return of her to me. I pray for the blood of jesus will protect her. I pray for protection. I pray she will have convection as a seventeen yr old and have the sweet spirit on her. I want her and my enemies to shut their mouths and stop the gossip . I pray nothing but the blood of jesus for protection on her

    sylva, 10/20/2014

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