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What's it like? Take a virtual journey as a sister on this new, unique website featuring some of the amazing religious women who provide help to those in need everyday.

A Website for Women to Imagine What a Nun's Life is Like

By Jennifer Murphy, Communications Specialist, Sisters of Bon Secours • Sisters of Bon Secours • 4/23/2014

The Sisters of Bon Secours, an international religious congregation of Catholic sisters based in Marriottsville, Md., announce the launch of a unique website, 'Imagine a Sister's Life' allows single Catholic women to imagine what it's like to be a nun and discover if ...

Trappist Monks combine business acumen with spiritual devotion to provide superior workmanship and value to clients.

Trappist monks' spirituality hailed as key to business success

By (CNA/EWTN News) • Catholic Online • 2/28/2014

A spiritual focus on generous service and community is the key to success for the Trappist monks, not only in their business ventures but in all of their pursuits, said a businessman closely acquainted with the order. WASHINGTON D.C., February 26 (CNA/EWTN News) - Trappist monks build a culture of ...

Fathers Manuel Bravo, Chan Woo Lee, Eben MacDonald and Nabor Rios turn to the assembly gathered for their ordination to the priesthood June 2. VICTOR ALEMAN

Archbishop Josť H. Gomez on Praying for Priests and Promoting Vocations

By Archbishop Josť H. Gomez • The Tidings • 11/20/2012

Every priest is a sacrament - a sign and instrument that brings men and women to the encounter with the living God. So in this Year of Faith, we need to refocus ourselves, especially in our families, on helping men to hear this beautiful and noble calling from Jesus. BALTIMORE, MD (The Tidings) - I ...

Fr. Pontifex during a recent recording session for

COL EXCLUSIVE: Fr. Pontifex - See what this priest does to deliver his powerful message

By Marshall Connolly (Catholic Online) • Catholic Online • 11/19/2012

He is a growing personality in the Catholic world and represents a new movement to engage the youth and reconvert the lost. Is he the Pope? A new bishop? A pop star? Well, he's not any of these things - yet. However, Fr. Pontifex, may eventually be all three, God willing. EVANSVILLE, IN (Catholic ...

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The Heart of a Daughter of Charity -- The Eucharist
The Heart of a Daughter of Charity -- The Eucharist
Daughters of Charity share their personal reflections on the Eucharist.

How to handle insults
How to handle insults
Catholic priest explains a practical way to handle insults and profanity

Pope visits Brazilian Slum. Blesses parish altar
Pope visits Brazilian Slum. Blesses parish altar

Q158: Is everyone in the Church equal?
Q158: Is everyone in the Church equal?
Tired of opinions about what Catholic's believe? Get the facts! Roman Curia Cardinal Francis Arinze answers 304 questions from the Apostolate's Family Catechism. Visit ...

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