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By Marshall Connolly, Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)

1/2/2014 (3 months ago)

Catholic Online (

Moore's op-ed is really part of a script.

There's another obvious clue in the Obamacare scandal, that the system is designed to fail and will lead us to socialized healthcare. Michael Moore, the unabashed liberal, has come out against Obamacare, although he does not blame Obama. This is expected.

Michael Moore is playing his part on cue.

Michael Moore is playing his part on cue.

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By Marshall Connolly, Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)

Catholic Online (

1/2/2014 (3 months ago)

Published in Politics & Policy

Keywords: Michael Moore, Obamacare, universal, socialized, plan, script, Obama, fail, insurance, vilify

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Catholic Online has long predicted that Obamacare is designed to fail. Now Michael Moore has taken the stage to play his part in the script, on perfect cue.

The story goes like this: Obamacare is implemented, virtually by force upon a legislature and a public that will come to an increasing realization that the entire plan is a debacle. In the process, the public will become addicted to government subsidies and become accustomed to government involvement in healthcare, soon unable to disassociate the two.

Private insurance companies will be vilified as they simply try to stay in business amid rising costs and low enrollments, and the system will show serious signs of collapse. As the public begins to fear a complete collapse of the healthcare industry, they will welcome government takeover of the industry, granting Obama's true wish for a universal, single-payer system.

This is what we have predicted, although we have prayed that we were wrong. Confirming our fears, liberal commentator and filmmaker, Michael Moore has stepped out to deliver a few lines of his own in this public spectacle which at best amounts to tragic theater.

According to Moore, Obamacare is "awful." Moore penned an op-ed that was published in the New York Times. The piece criticizes the plan, but strangely, not Obama. Instead it pins the blame on the insurance industry, conservatives, and greed.

He also makes fun of the term "affordable."

The key tell Moore's op-ed is that he vilifies the insurance companies which could have made record profits with everyone paying, but may now be looking at major losses since only the sick and poor seem to be signing up.

Obamacare only works if everyone, including the majority of Americans who are healthy, sign up and pay. This isn't happening, because the fines for non-compliance are too small.

It is an important part of Obama's plan that insurance companies, and not the government, are vilified as a result of the changes. When enough people become angry with private insurance providers, they will welcome a cheaper government alternative.

Of course, the government alternative won't be cheaper, but it will be heavily subsidized with government deficit spending so people will believe that it's cheaper since less money marked for healthcare will come out of their monthly paychecks. Taxes however, will increase, especially for the next generation when those bills become due.

To be clear, Catholic Online supports healthcare for all people around the globe, and this includes all Americans, regardless of all considerations. Healthcare is a basic right affirmed by the Church and it should be available to all people who need it.

But healthcare is the proper duty of the Church and other charitable institutions. It is a deeply private, even intimate affair of business between people and their doctors. It must be morally governed, compassionate in its provision, and effective in improving lives so people can focus on their individual well being, both spiritual and physical.

Notice how none of those descriptors match what governments typically do. Government is not generally charitable, moral, or compassionate. Governments are also characterized by ineffectiveness, corruption, and other scandal.

There may be governments in the world that do manage to provide quality healthcare to people. However, the United States government, rapidly becoming one of the most scandalous and corrupt systems in the world, and well-hijacked by big business and special interests, cannot be trusted to meet the high standards of morality and integrity required in healthcare.

In fact, the current administration cannot even launch a functional website or secure the data of those that use it.

Despite these stunning realities, the show must go on. Right on cue, Michael Moore has stepped onto stage to play his part, vilifying the insurance companies. As Americans become increasingly burdened and angry over the debacle that is Obamacare, it will become ever more important to blame the private insurers. Look for others to join Moore in chorus, and you'll know Obama's plan is right on track.

Caveat emptor: Obama is not the harmless fool he plays in public.


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