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By Jean Patteson

9/17/2008 (5 years ago)

McClatchy Newspapers (

The Orlando Sentinel (MCT) - Q: My husband and I have been invited to the engagement party of his godson. The wedding is not until next fall. Does one take a gift to an engagement party? And if so, what type of gift?

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By Jean Patteson

McClatchy Newspapers (

9/17/2008 (5 years ago)

Published in Marriage & Family

A: All celebrations related to weddings are gift-giving occasions _ engagement parties, showers and the wedding itself. Showers generally have a narrow focus, such as a kitchen shower or garden shower, and gifts tend to be more modest. For an engagement party, you probably would spend a little more, and the wedding gift would be the most generous.

First, check with someone close to the couple _ such as a parent, sibling or bridesmaid _ to find out whether they have registered for gifts. If they have, your task is easy. Simply choose something in your price range from the registry.

If they are not registered, choose a gift with a celebratory theme _ a flower vase, wine decanter or photo frame, for example.

Or choose something related to their interests. Do they enjoy cooking, hiking or travel? If so, a special cooking utensil, a backpack-style picnic basket or an elegant piece of carry-on luggage would be a good choice.

Or ask if they have a favorite home-wares store such as Pottery Barn or IKEA. They probably would appreciate anything from those stores, but include a gift receipt so they can exchange the item if it is not quite right for their future home.


Q: Why do some men's trousers have cuffs and others don't? Is there a rule about when cuffs are appropriate?

A: In general, pleated pants look best with a cuff because the cuff balances out the fullness of fabric at the waist. The cuff is usually 1 inches wide. The trimmer styling of flat-front trousers looks best with a straight hem, not a cuff.



Lost: Marie from Tavares, Fla., is trying to find Oshkosh overalls for men, and also Odor-Eaters socks in white with blue heels and toes.

Arlyn is looking to replace a concealer she purchased some time ago for hiding small birthmarks. The product looks like a lipstick, and "Noxell Corp." is printed on the bottom of the tube.

Barbara is "desperately seeking" Natural jeans by Physical Attraction.

Found: Good news for Natalie, who is looking for anti-aging skin-care products by the German company Lavera. The all-natural line is available at most Whole Foods markets.

The Orlando, Fla., reader looking for lip gloss with flecks of gold leaf also is in luck. Belmacz Gold Leaf Lip Gloss ($32) can be purchased online at

Susan can find Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser dry shampoo online at

Eleanor can order Milani lipstick in Scarlet (No. 34-A) at or (650-616-6500).


(Fashion writer Jean Patteson welcomes your questions. Mail: Orlando Sentinel, MP-218, P.O. Box 2833, Orlando, FL 32802-2833. E-mail: Phone: 407-420-5158.)


2008, The Orlando Sentinel (Fla.).


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