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By Dr Denton D Weiss, MD

3/10/2013 (1 year ago)

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No fatty meats and no White Carbohydrates. Add one or more of the super foods we talked about today.

White Potatoes, White Rice, White Bread, Bananas, Sugar, Ice Cream, and Candy are all what I call the family of white carbohydrate foods. We all know sugar in the refined form is white so, keeping that visual in mind, think of any foods with a white hue as potential members of the family. Especially any foods that are processed such as pasta, or white bread.  Let's replace these with some of the super foods.


By Dr Denton D Weiss, MD

Catholic Online (

3/10/2013 (1 year ago)

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PORTSMOUTH, VA. (Catholic Online) - This week let's just think simple.

Ok I've given you a week off and now the diet dude is back. I weighed in at 188 and I started to slip off track last week. We have increased our water intake, started walking, prayerfully fasted, and tried to live in the world of Hara Hachi Bu (pulling away from the table when we are 75 % full). And, let's face it we have even taken last week off. This week I ask you to simply decrease your white carbohydrate intake, and fatty meats.

I know what a fatty meat looks like, but what is a White Carb?

These are the NO NO's

White Potatoes, White Rice, White Bread, Bananas, Sugar, Ice Cream, and Candy are all what I call the family of white carbohydrate foods. We all know sugar in the refined form is white so, keeping that visual in mind, think of any foods with a white hue as potential members of the family. Especially any foods that are processed such as pasta, or white bread. 

Let's replace these with some of the super foods.

Try to eat small meals at the end of the day and the largest meal in the morning or at noon.

At night and even right before bedtime eat only small healthy snacks.
Make your evening meal soup based as much as possible.

Ok great Dr Denton but, what are the super foods?

In the Old Testament, Daniel tells the story of four young Jewish men being taken in by King Nebuchadnezzar. (Daniel 1) The conquering king wanted the young men to be trained to serve the king's palace. The young men were to be fed and taught the courts royal ways. Daniel and the others accepted the King's regal teaching on the language and literature but would not defile themselves by eating the meat and wine offered them. The young men chose instead to eat vegetables, and they grew FITTER and FINER. 

Now I am not saying eating meat is wrong and clearly eating potatoes with gravy is yummy. That being said, not all meat and vegetables are created equal in regards to health. 

Super foods:

Apple: Great source of fiber and sugar that is slowly absorbed for brain food. Apples contain high levels of vitamin c.

: Especially almonds and the American classic WALNUTS. Walnuts and almonds are known for their cholesterol reducing qualities and walnuts are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Another great brain food.

: These little babies are my favorite super fruit. These berries are a good source of antioxidants that help prevent chronic disease.

Broccoli: The amount of folate is amazingly high in this vegetable. Folate promotes red blood cell production. This is a great food that contains many antioxidants that may help prevent hearts disease and diabetes.

Soybeans: The soybean is a good source of non-fatty proteins. They also contain a small amount of natural estrogen type compounds that are good for perimenopausal and post menopausal women.

Sweet Potatoes: Yes I said POTATO! Let's be clear the color in sweet potatoes takes it out of the bad guy list unless you cover the sweet potato with sugar. That includes brown sugar. Nice TRY! Sweet potatoes are full of beta carotene, a complex form of Vitamin A. The sweet potato also has Vitamin B6 and lots of fiber. Interestingly a large sweet potato only has 100 calories! Yeah

Spinach: Popeye's mainstay is also a favorite on my list. Vitamin B, K, and lots of antioxidants no wonder Olive Oil was in love with him. Wait a minute Olive Oil?

Olive Oil: Not only Popeye's Love but also a love of mind (I mean mine). Olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar are great on that spinach salad. This oil is a monosaturated fat that is great for your brain, your heart, and your skin!

Salmon: This is the super meat! The protein is exceptional and the fat is made up of Omega 3 fatty acids.  I eat salmon (preferably wild caught 2 - 3 times per week).

Mango: The mango is a poorly understood fruit in the US. We should eat more of these beauties, but they have never really caught on. I have added this fruit as a fun new food for most of us. Mangoes have great complex sugars that fulfill a sweet tooth but don't cause the weight issues of refined sugars. The calorie content is lower than you would expect and they have tremendous fiber like apples.

Brown Rice. I said BROWN rice! The outer coating of non-polished simple brown rice is packed with B Vitamins. The outer coating also slows the absorption in our bodies. This slow breakdown prevents the sugar carbohydrate surge seen in polished white rice. This rice also contains minerals essential for male and female health.

There are many other super foods that I will talk about in the upcoming weeks but for this week let's just stay focused on our goals and a few new or, for some, old quality foods:

Walk 15 minutes everyday
Drink more water, especially before meals
Fast prayerfullyHara Hachi Bu (Push away from the table when you are 75-80% full or simply eat 25% less. No seconds)

No fatty meats and no White Carbohydrates. Add one or more of the super foods we talked about today.

Be Blessed and lets all be a little more like Daniel and his friends. FITTER and FINER

God Bless
Dr Denton


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