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Have the tides turned? Gays lashing out at Newman priest who advised celibacy

The truth is never hate speech.

A Roman Catholic priest dedicated to ministering to the students of George Washington University via the school's Newman Center is facing persecution for sharing Catholic teaching with students. Two students who struggle with same-sex attraction and say they are gay, have asked the school to silence the priest because he does not condone their behavior.

Is this the flag of the new fascism?

Is this the flag of the new fascism?

WASHINGTON, DC (Catholic Online) - Father Greg Schaffer is the priest who tends the Newman Center at George Washington University in D.C. He has drawn the ire of two students, one who isn't even Catholic and self-identifies as an "agnostic" and another who was turned away from the priesthood after proclaiming his same-sex attraction to other men.

The two students have been identified as seniors Damian Legacy and Blake Bergen. They have asked the university to bar Fr, Schaffer from campus because he preached that homosexual behavior is immoral and asked those who struggle with same-sex attraction to consider celibacy.

This is consistent with Church teaching.

The students claim that Fr. Schaffer advised students who sought him for counseling were told they should remain celibate if they struggled with same-sex attraction.

The students claim this is anti-gay behavior.

All people must sometimes realize the Church, and God say no to particular choices. The no is not directed at the person, but rather the behavior, hence the instruction to remain celibate. And celibacy is not simply a homosexual domain, but celibacy can be an appropriate decision for all people depending on their circumstances and God's plan for them.

Unfortunately, the homosexual equivalency movement will not tolerate freedom of speech or religion, this from the same movement that parades in the nude down city streets in San Francisco's Castro district. There is no better proof of the caveat, "You will be able to tell them by their fruits," (Matthew 7:16).

For now, Catholics across the country are rallying in support of Fr. Schaffer. The university has not announced if it will take any action in accord with the students' complaint.

With this deed and other like it around the country hateful, militant gays are becoming the persecutors of the Church and the prejudiced class of the new generation.

It's time to upset the tables in the temple. Students must seek out the teachings of the Church and the preaching of Fr. Schaffer. Now, displeased at what they have found, they have accused him of prejudice and asked for his removal, despite the fact he was merely sharing the truthful answer to their questions.

This is not what is intended by the First Amendment nor freedom of religion. All views particularly truthful ones, should be protected. However, as we are learning in the brave new world, the only views that count are those favored by the moneychangers in the temple.


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1 - 7 of 7 Comments

  1. Spiritofallages
    1 year ago

    I would completely expect that should a heterosexual couple ask Fr. Greg Schaffer for advice about going ahead with premarital sexual activities, he would advocate celebacy for them also. AS was noted, the solution is not to deny the sinner the chance to sin, but to convince them of the virtue of self-control. Self-control exercised over the flesh is the stumbling block for all humans even after they each profess Jesus Christ as Son of God, Lord, Redeemer and King. Pray therefore because " the Spirit is strong but the flesh is weak." Never been more true than today with the barage of sexuality in all venues and now the anti-sex, homosexuality, abhorent mis-use of God's Gift of Pro-creation. I believe all things can be forgiven by God if there is repentance and refraining from the sin.

  2. Michael S
    1 year ago

    Bravo! Fr. Schaffer. Speak the Truth with Love! The truth will set you free. The Church and its true followers faced persecution and martyrdom in the early centuries of Christianity. That persecution is returning with a vengeance. No matter how much it proclaimed as acceptable, no matter how many people "believe" it is acceptable, it is NOT in God's eyes.

  3. Pope Zicola
    1 year ago

    If the principals or whatever-they-are-called at George Washington University had any steel, spherical shaped you-know-whats about them, then perhaps standing their ground and not kow-towing to these two troublemakers would be the answer to this non-dilemma.

    Has it come to something pretty darn dangerous for civilisation that people are being asked to throw someone out of educational establishments just because they say something based on truth and fact? No analysis? No discussion?

    Catch yourselves on, United States, even if the United Kingdom is cork-screwing into their murky, twisted maelstrom with enough so called 'gay equality' legislation to give HM The Queen writer's cramp and people afraid to open their mouths or record their thoughts on Facebook or Twitter without causing a news-grabbing outcry!

    (NB: The Queen, though figurehead and head of state, gives Royal Assent to laws with the stroke of her pen and the setting of the seal - even with laws she doesn't agree with herself)

    Let these whingey gay lobbyists have their day and let them make the most of it - because people will soon be so piddled off with their militant bellyaching that people will realise that we, the Roman Catholic Church and Its Magisterium, have been right all along.

  4. Louis Barta
    1 year ago

    I wish commentators would stop calling homosexuals "gays." The term "gay" connotes good-natured acceptance and in no way describes the lifestyles of persons obsessed with perverted, disease-spreading sexual practices condemned as abominable by Holy Scripture.

    In the entire Holy Bible the word "gay" is used only once, in ECCLESIASTICUS 7:26: "Hast thou daughters? have a care of their body, and show not thy countenance gay towards them." (DOUAY Version)

    Ironically, this passage, in which the word "gay" is used, encourages parents to exercise vigilance over the chastity of their daughters, and not to view their natural beauty as being sexually stimulating.

  5. Rush Glick
    1 year ago

    Isn't it interesting how we are now so enlightened as a culture that we can trash all the norms and conventions that have withstood the test of countless past generations? Welcome to the Age of Stupidity.

  6. Fr Bill
    1 year ago

    The priest gave the kind of counsel that priests have been giving to unmarried men and women since Christ established same.

  7. DLL
    1 year ago

    Fact:gay behavior is anti Catholic. Gays know it and hate it.

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