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A History of Catholic Commencement Scandals

Cardinal Newman Society • 5/15/2009

The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. (U.S. Bishops) MANASSAS, Va. (Cardinal Newman Society) - As protests continue against the University of Notre Dame’s plan to honor pro-abortion President Barack Obama ...

Catholic Online

‘Newman Guide’ Catholic Colleges Honoring Pro-Life Commencement Speakers

Cardinal Newman Society • 5/14/2009

We are blessed in this country by the presence of many honorable leaders who promote the defense of innocent life in the public square. MANASSAS, Va. (Cardinal Newman Society) - Amidst the ensuing commencement scandal surrounding the University of Notre Dame’s decision to honor pro-abortion ...

The graduates of Ave Maria University engage in this traditional celebrative act in front of the Oratory on the main Campus in Southwestern Florida.

A Study in Contrasts: Ave Maria University and the University of Notre Dame

By • Catholic Online • 5/11/2009

The other University named for Our Lady honors only those who recognize and embrace the truth concerning the dignity of every human life at every age and stage. AVE MARIA, Fl (Catholic Online) – The eyes of the faithful watch the unfolding events at the University of Notre Dame with deep concern as ...

USF Church Building on Campus. Catholic Colleges are an extension of the teaching mission of the Catholic Church. At the forefront of this mission is the education of the next generation of Catholic men and women for a new missionary age. It is Christ the Teacher who teaches His children in the Catholic College. As the late Servant of God John Paul II said in an address to educators in 1979 'Catholic education is above all a question of communicating Christ, of helping to form Christ in the lives of others.'

University of San Francisco Cuts Theology Program, Is Catholic Identity in Decline?

By • Catholic Online • 5/6/2009

We call upon the University to rescind the decision to end the Graduate Theology program and rededicate itself to being a Catholic University in the heart of the Church. SAN FRANCISCO (Catholic Online) - The University of San Francisco is a Jesuit School which proclaims its mission as “educating ...

Catholic Online

Jesuit U. of San Francisco to Honor Dissident Bishop

By • LifeSiteNews • 5/6/2009

Another commencement speaker will be San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, a strong opponent of true marriage in California. SAN FRANCISCO, California ( - A South African bishop famed for his opposition to Church teaching on contraception will receive an honorary degree at ...

Catholic Online

Catholic USF Faculty Union Demands Abortion Coverage

By • LifeSiteNews • 5/6/2009

A long time ago, to get federal funding, the Jesuits divested themselves of the university so it is basically run by the board of trustees. SAN FRANCISCO, California ( - A representative of the Faculty union at the Jesuit-run University of San Francisco (USF) has said the union ...

Catholic Online

Now it's 46: More Bishops Against ND Scandal

By • LifeSiteNews • 4/24/2009

Notre Dame, a 'symbol of Catholic education in America throughout its history,'has 'embarrassed Our Lady and embarrassed our Church.' Bishop David Zubik SOUTH BEND, Indiana ( - Three more bishops have lengthened the list to 46 U.S. Church leaders condemning the Notre Dame scandal. ...

Catholic Online

Notre Dame to Celebrate 5th Annual Eucharistic Procession

Cardinal Newman Society • 4/23/2009

The tradition of the Eucharistic Procession was revived at Notre Dame in 2005. MANASSAS, Va. (Cardinal Newman Society) – Notwithstanding the ongoing scandal of the commencement honor slated for President Obama, the University of Notre Dame will host the 5th annual Eucharistic Procession this ...

One can recognize that the contemporary crisis of truth is rooted in a crisis of faith. Only through faith can we freely give our assent to God’s testimony and acknowledge him as the transcendent guarantor of the truth he reveals.

Pope Benedict Speaks to U.S. Catholic Universities

By • Catholic Online • 4/18/2009

Are we ready to commit our entire self – intellect and will, mind and heart – to God? Do we accept the truth Christ reveals? Is the faith tangible in our universities and schools? WASHINGTON, D.C. (Catholic Online) - In the wake of the Notre Dame decision and the incident at Georgetown, Catholics ...

All the Church’s activities stem from her awareness that she is the bearer of a message which has its origin in God himself: in his goodness and wisdom, God chose to reveal himself and to make known the hidden purpose of his will (cf. Eph 1:9; Dei Verbum, 2).

The Pope Speaks to Catholic Universities in America: Full Text

Catholic Online • 4/18/2009

It is a question of conviction – do we really believe that only in the mystery of the Word made flesh does the mystery of man truly become clear. WASHINGTON, D.C. (Catholic Online) - As the response to the decision by the President of Notre Dame University to have President Obama address the ...

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