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Researchers looked at instances of college students riding with a driver under the influence, driving after drinking alcohol and driving while intoxicated. All of these behaviors were found to be common.

One in five college students have driven drunk

By • Catholic Online • 6/3/2010

The next time you see a car on the road with a college bumper sticker or license plate holder, you may want to give that driver considerable space. A recent study on college students who drink and drive has proven to be extremely sobering. LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - The University of ...

George Weigel told the students  'If religiously informed moral argument is banned from the American public square, then the public square has become, not only naked, but undemocratic and intolerant.'

George Weigel Tells College Students: Defend Religious Freedom and Right to Life

Zenit News Agency • 5/29/2010

Weigel pointed out that religious freedom in the United States has been threatened by acts such as when the Supreme Court "erected a spurious 'right to abortion' as the right that trumps all other rights," and when legislators "decided that it was within the state's competence to redefine marriage ...

The Catholic University of America

Editorial: Well Done! Fr. David O'Connell Retires as President of the Catholic University of America

By • Catholic Online • 5/25/2010

The Catholic College President is at the service of the Catholic Church. He or she should understand the implications of the Catholic faith on the entirety of the educational mission. They participate in the saving mission of the Catholic Church. They must be properly formed in the faith and ...

Hope Colleges policy on homosexuality has caused controversy among alumni, students and faculty.

Michigan College stands by homosexual policy

By • Catholic Online • 5/10/2010

Hope College, A Christian institution of higher learning in Hope, Michigan says it will not change its policy that condemns homosexual acts but "supports fair and kind treatment for people with a homosexual orientation." LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - The policy has caused controversy among ...

The Apostolic Visitors Who Investigated the Legion of Christ.

Legion of Christ Owned Southern Catholic College Abruptly Closes Its Doors

By • Catholic Online • 4/8/2010

Can you imagine the shock, the heartbreak, the utter outrage felt by the students? Can you even begin to fathom the thoughts running through the minds of the parents? The sudden closing of Southern Catholic College has set the Catholic blogosphere on fire! The manner of notification (by ...

Catholic Online

Cardinal Newman Society Announces Major Expansion to Support Renewal of Catholic Colleges

Cardinal Newman Society • 3/15/2010

Cardinal Newman Society says Catholic College Leaders and Bishops also need support, Begin New Outreach. MANASSAS, Va. (Cardinal Newman Society) - Tuesday, March 16, 2010 the Cardinal Newman Society will publicly launch an impressive, expanded effort to bring together and support college ...

Catholic Online

Why Tom Golisano Believes in Ave Maria University

By • Inside Catholic • 2/23/2010

Some Catholic bloggers have wrongfully questioned the solid pro-Life credentials of Ave Maria University WASHINGTON, DC (Inside Catholic) - Last November 5, 2009, Ave Maria University celebrated a generous gift of $4 million from Tom Golisano, chairman of Paychex, the second largest payroll ...

Catholic Online

New Study Confirms Crisis in Catholic Higher Education

Cardinal Newman Society • 2/3/2010

'Catholics should be alarmed by the significant declines in Catholic practice and fidelity at many of Americaís Catholic institutions.' MANNASSAS, VA (Cardinal Newman Society) - Attending a Catholic college has minimal impact on a Catholic studentís practice and embrace of the Catholic faith, ...

Catholic Online

Free the 'Notre Dame 88' Petition Launched

Christian Newswire • 1/14/2010

It is important for pro-lifers to let Fr. Jenkins know that we have not forgotten what happened on his campus last May. SOUTH BEND, INDIANA (Christian Newswire) - A petition to "Free the Notre Dame 88" has been launched. The petition is co-sponsored by Human Life International (HLI), the Thomas ...

Catholic Online

Pope's Address to Assembly of Catholic Universities

Zenit News Agency • 11/20/2009

It is important for everyone, professors and students, never to lose sight of the end pursued -- to be an instrument of the evangelical proclamation. VATICAN CITY ( - Here is a translation of the address Benedict XVI delivered today to the participants in the 23rd general assembly of the ...

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