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Choquequirao's inaccessibility to only the most experienced hikers preserves its pristine, natural beauty.
Choquequirao known as 'the other Machu Picchu'

By • Catholic Online • 9/22/2010

In southern Peru, Choquequirao, which translates to "Cradle of Gold," is referred to by many as the other "Machu Piccu."  Choquequirao is found a long a path that is preferred by serious hikers who enjoy the untamed nature of the trails. The area's inaccessibility has kept most potential ...

Judging from its sheer size, Kuelap's construction required considerable effort, rivaling or surpassing other archaeological structures in the Americas in size.
Kuelap Fortress largest stone ruin site in world

By • Catholic Online • 9/21/2010

The Kuelap Fortress, a mountaintop city found in Chachapoyas, Peru rivals any ruins in the new world and comes with living quarters for thousands of residents. The Kuelap's stone wall fortification reaches 60 feet high running in circumference to the city. LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - The ...

Today, the original San Juan Parangaricutiro church still stands, halfway buried in solidified lava rock, with the massive cinder cone of Paricutin looming in the background.
Mexican church still stands after volcano eruption

By • Catholic Online • 9/10/2010

Nuevo San Juan Parangaricutiro, in the Mexican state of Michoacán, is a small village near the Parícutin volcano. The city is called "Nuevo" or new because the original San Juan Parangaricutiro was destroyed during the formation of the Parícutin volcano in 1943. Along with the village of Parícutin, ...

There are very few other places in the world where such crystals have been so well preserved in their purest of forms.
Fantastical crystals adorn Naica mine of Mexico

By • Catholic Online • 9/10/2010

The Cave of Crystals, or "Cueva de los Cristales" in the Naica Mine of Mexico is a chamber approximately 1,000 feet down in the limestone host rock of the mine. The chamber contains giant selenite crystals, some of the largest natural crystals ever found. The selenite crystals were formed by ...

Above all else, the Hotel Majestic in San Francisco is a survivor. Built in 1902 on the estate of California State Legislature member Milton Schmidt, the building officially became the Hotel Majestic after Senator Schmidt moved in 1904.
Hotel Majestic is a charming - and haunted place

By • Catholic Online • 9/9/2010

As San Francisco's oldest still operating hotel, the Hotel Majestic stands amidst all the hustle and bustle of the Union Square and the Financial District. The hotel remains close to the city's cable cars and downtown high rises. In spite of being right in the middle of all this bustling activity, ...

While it could easily join the National Register of Historic Places, the Ingomar Club carefully guards the Carson Mansion's privacy, refusing to allow any outside influence. Visitors to Eureka are allowed to take photographs outside the property.
Carson mansion fine example of Victorian design

By • Catholic Online • 9/8/2010

Built out of redwood and 97,000 feet of white mahogany from Central America, onyx from East India, Mexico and the Philippines, the Carson mansion, located in Eureka, California, continues to draw admirers to this day. The home is widely recognized to be the most photographed and written about ...

These gigantic sheaves, wheels with grooves along their edges for holding cable can be seen working away at the Cable Car Museum, always moving the huge loops of cable running under Hyde, Mason, California, and Powell streets.
Cable car museum full of hustle and bustle

By • Catholic Online • 9/3/2010

The San Francisco Cable Car Museum is not your typical museum. When one thinks of a museum, one tends to think of it being filled with the archaic artifacts of yesteryear, each lighted softly and placed behind Plexiglas. The cable car museum is full of noise, hustle and bustle, a clamoring dynamo ...

Now totally abandoned, Drawbridge had a colorful past, courtesy of when it was a latter day 'wild west' town during prohibition.
San Francisco bay ghost town sinking into marsh

By • Catholic Online • 9/3/2010

Drawbridge, formerly known as Saline City, is a ghost town that is quickly sinking into the marshland in the San Francisco bay area. No one lives there, and it is illegal to venture on to the property, as it is currently part of the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. But it ...

Business is brisk in the French Quarter, and while the recent spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused a temporary dip in restaurant visits, government inspectors say seafood from the Gulf is now safe to eat.
Five years after Katrina, 'Big Easy' thrives

By • Catholic Online • 8/26/2010

Hurricane Katrina blew through New Orleans five years ago. A nation watched in shock and horror as this onetime garden spot of the American South became inundated with floodwaters, the bodies of countless drowning victims floating down neighborhood streets. New Orleans has largely regained its ...

The cloudy and moist conditions at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve make for beautiful forests verdant with greenery.
Bird species thrive in Monteverde Cloud Forest

By • Catholic Online • 8/25/2010

Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve, located on the continental divide in the northeastern part of Costa Rica in the Tilaran mountain range, is one of the most outstanding wildlife sanctuaries in the Americas. Afforded both east and western exposures, unique weather affects the region year ...

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