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It should be stressed that the Ghost Tree is not to be confused with possibly the most photographed tree in the world, the Lone Cypress, which is located a few paces down the road.
Ghost Trees of Pescadero Point doomed to extinction

By • Catholic Online • 12/27/2010

White and gnarly cypress trees that call to mind ghosts or witches - or Tim Burton movies are found in Pescadero Point. The Ghost Tree, as it is more commonly known will soon truly become ghosts of their former selves. Foresters predict that due to a blight of beetles, much of the cypress and pine ...

The date of 2832 BCE makes Methuselah tree older even than the Egyptian Pyramids! The Prometheus tree, another bristlecone specimen estimated to be 4,844 years old was accidentally destroyed in 1964.
'Methuselah Tree' estimated thousands of years old

By • Catholic Online • 12/27/2010

In the White Mountains of East California, a Great Basin Bristlecone Pine, dubbed the "Methuselah Tree" is estimated to be about 4,800 years old. Named for the Biblical figure that lived for 969 years, the Methuselah Tree grows in the Methuselah Grove, which is in Inyo National Forest's "Forest of ...

Chiesa dei Morti, or the Church of the Dead, offers a surprising view on the practice of mummification aside from those commonly found in ancient Egypt.
Church of the Dead offers macabre mummy display

By • Catholic Online • 12/22/2010

In the lively medieval town of Urbania in central Italy, visitors can pay a visit to a macabre church that holds 18 mummies behind glass. Chiesa dei Morti, or the Church of the Dead, offers a surprising view on the practice of mummification aside from those commonly found in ancient ...

The Collegiate Church of Saint-Bonnet is rich in local history, and in the 19th century people there discovered a most macabre secret.
Beautiful church holds grisly discovery

By • Catholic Online • 12/22/2010

A beautiful medieval church believed to have been built in the year 1400, lies atop a hill in the picturesque town of Saint-Bonnet-le-Château. The Collegiate Church of Saint-Bonnet is rich in local history, and in the 19th century people there discovered a most macabre secret. LOS ANGELES, CA ...

While modern buildings in the Baixa Pombalina area are considered to be some of the first seismically sound constructions in the world, the Carmo convent which had stood in the center of Lisbon since 1389 was intentionally left roofless as a reminder of the disaster.
Arches remain mute testament to Lisbon's darkest hour

By • Catholic Online • 12/22/2010

Lisbon, Portugal faced its darkest hour November 1, 1755 as a massive earthquake destroyed buildings. Lisbon was almost totally wiped from the face of the earth, the ancient Carmo convent and its library of 5,000 books reduced to ashes. The ruined arches stand today in the middle of the rebuilt ...

Krak des Chevaliers is a typical example of Gothic architecture, uprooted from Western Europe and transferred to the Middle East. It remains to this day as one of the best-preserved examples of European medieval military architecture.
Krak des Chevaliers historical reminder of the Crusades

By • Catholic Online • 12/20/2010

The Krak des Chevaliers is a massive fortress located in the middle of the Syrian desert. It stands as a symbol of Crusades, an effort to bring the Christian faith to the Muslims. What made this spot so strategic was that only one route led from the city of Antioch south to ...

The catacombs de Paris contains the skeletal remains of six to seven million former inhabitants of the City of Lights.
Catacombs de Paris provides clandestine meeting spots

By • Catholic Online • 12/8/2010

Among the most popular tourist sites in the City of Lights, the Catacombs de Paris houses the bones of six to seven million Parisians. The underground tunnel underneath the city goes on for many miles, the vast majority of it locked and inaccessible to the public. As such, the dank, dark passageway ...

The corral is composed of a circular clearing some 235 meters diameter, with a 1.50 meter long gray stone with a face carved on one end in the center.
Ancient astronomical site in Dominican Republic likened to Stonehenge

By • Catholic Online • 12/1/2010

Corral de Los Indios in the Dominican Republican has a lot in common with Stonehenge in England, the Ring of Brodgar in Scotland and the medicine wheels of the American West. All locations share the universal creation of circular stone ceremonial and astronomical sites. LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic ...

Experts say that whether you plan to drive or fly, planning will go a long way. Those driving should conduct a pre-trip vehicle safety inspection and check for highway routes free of heavy construction.
Many taking cars instead of airplanes this holiday

By • Catholic Online • 11/19/2010

Passenger complaints of intrusive security measures at airports, as well as a general lack of customer service sees many holiday travelers opting to just take or rent a car to visit their loved ones this Thanksgiving holiday. LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Travel experts say that many will hit ...

Paul Revere's house is the oldest remaining building in downtown Boston. It's hard to believe, but in the late 1800s, a century after his ride and the birth of the nation, his house was going to be demolished.
Paul Revere's home still standing in Boston to receive visitors

By • Catholic Online • 11/17/2010

"Listen my children and you shall hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere ." reads the famous poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Paul revere's midnight ride from Boston through Lexington and Concord, to alert colonists to oncoming British troops, has become an emblem of early American patriotism. ...

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