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Sometimes it ays to procrastinate. On more expensive flights, if some seats remain untaken, tickets can be had for relatively little.
Summer airfare: It's when you look and when you book

By • Catholic Online • 6/23/2010

Getting the best price for an airline ticket is governed by twin rules: when you look and when you book. The best ticket prices can vary by weeks, and travelers need to remain vigilant. LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - In travel data analyzed by Expedia for The Associated Press, the best time ...

A Nimbus broomstick, on sale at the Harry Potter-themed amusement park in Florida sells for $250.
'Harry Potter' theme park deemed magical success

By • Catholic Online • 6/21/2010

"Muggles," or non-wizards sweated in 90-degree weather for six hours to enter the new Florida theme park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. A lot is riding on this new attraction, as Universal Orlando is currently hurting. Since the "Potter" book series singlehandedly rejuvenated the publishing ...

A guided tour of Riverside Walk at a bus drop-off point at a formation called the Temple of Sinawava.
Take a hike - at Zion National Park

By • Catholic Online • 6/3/2010

Zion National Park in Utah has something for every hiker. You can strap on your hiking boots and go explore dusty trails, or wade in calf-high mountain streams, and take short, easy walks or something more challenging for the more adventurous. LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Zion was formed ...

Proclaimed a national monument 100 years ago, Rainbow Bridge has been visited by the likes of President Teddy Roosevelt to learn about the area's rich geological history.
Arizona bridge carved by nature draws visitors

By • Catholic Online • 6/3/2010

A bridge carved by the hands of Mother Nature, after centuries of water erosion continues to draw visitors to the far southern part of Utah. The reddish sandstone forms a perfect, beautiful arch, and is accessible to visitors only by foot, boat or horse. LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - ...

The Cook Islands are divided into two groups: the Southern Cook Islands, and the Northern Cook Islands of coral atolls.
Cook Islands offer picture-perfect beaches

By • Catholic Online • 5/26/2010

Not very well known to international travelers, but a still a stunning place to visit are the Cook Islands, 15 separate land masses in the Pacific Ocean. The two main islands are Rarotonga and Aituaki. Visitors rarely visit the other 13, but some of the more remote ones such as Atiu, Mauke, Mitiaro ...

Beautiful and warm throughout the year, Samoa is very laid back and friendly.
Make Samoa your place for a tropical getaway

By • Catholic Online • 5/25/2010

The island of Samoa is synonymous with verdant, tropical beauty. A tiny island situated between Hawaii and new Zealand, it attract thousands of visitors a year who come to breathe in fresh, ocean-scented air and absorb its radiant sunshine. LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic online) - Made up of ten islands ...

Wrangell-St. Elias Park in Alaska is one of the nation's least travelled national parks -- and the most beautiful. It offers inspiring vistas and great natural wonder.
U.S. Parks: Take the road less traveled

By • Catholic Online • 5/13/2010

When taking the family out to enjoy America's abundant natural beauty, sometimes it pays to take the road less traveled. While Yosemite National Park and Yellowstone attract millions of visitors from all over the world, the lesser-known parks spread across the U.S. have a lot to offer. LOS ANGELES, ...

United States Passport.
Five ways to avoid passport delays

By • Catholic Online • 5/10/2010

If there is some exotic locale in your travel plans for the immediate future, you'll need to pack more than your toothbrush, suntan lotion and a favorite novel in your carry-on bag. You'll need a United States passport, the all-critical key to successful travel beyond U.S. borders. New government ...

At the Relais La Suvera, it's not unusual for travelers to make their reservations before they check out.
Hideaway most elegant: Relais La Suvera

By • Catholic Online • 4/23/2010

The Relais La Suvera in Tuscany is a place visitors are drawn to time and again. Even in Tuscany, "where the simplest of farmhouses seem like works of art, Relais La Suvera is a standout . when you add in its pedigree, its singular furnishings, and the warmth of its owners, it becomes an experience ...

The Taal volcano in the Philippines is near populated areas and poses an ongoing threat in the area.
Six other volcanoes to be wary of

By • Catholic Online • 4/23/2010

The volcanic eruption at Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland drastically affected human affairs for the better part of a week. Currently, the eruptions have diminished, and the ash cloud from the eruptions have subsidized. The question arises, are there other volcanoes out there that pose a threat to human ...

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