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For visitors to Trier, the cathedral's central attraction is the Holy Robe (Der Heilige Rock) of Christ. The relic is enshrined in a reliquary housed in the specially-built baroque Chapel of the Holy Robe, located behind the altar.
German cathedral bears robe Christ wore during crucifixion

By • Catholic Online • 5/13/2011

Trier Cathedral, the oldest acting church in Germany today, houses an impressive collection of artworks, architecture and holy relics. The site remains a working Catholic cathedral and an important Catholic shrine that still receives pilgrims. LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Christianity first ...

The ruins of Pisidian Antioch lie about a mile north of the modern town of Yalvaç, 110 miles west of Konya. Highlights of a visit here are the substantial archaeological site and the Yalvaç Archaeological Museum.
Pisidian Antioch former Roman colony visited by St. Paul

By • Catholic Online • 5/9/2011

Pisidian Antioch, also called Antioch-of-Pisidia was a Roman colony that was visited by St. Paul on his First Missionary Journey. The city marked an important turning point in Paul's ministry, as the city became the first to have a fully Gentile Christian community. LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic ...

The exquisite artwork on display has impressed archaeologists.
Glimpse of Roman Luxury on Display in Ephesus

By • Catholic Online • 4/27/2011

South of the Turkish city of Izmir, two Roman houses are being excavated. Known as "Slope Houses" for their location on the side of Mt. Coressus, they were once the homes of some of the Eastern Roman Empire's upper class citizenry from the 1st to 7th centuries AD. LOS ANGELES, CA. (Catholic ...

The main, upper church of San Clemente is one of the most richly decorated churches in Rome. The vast majority of its architecture and art dates from its construction in the early 12th century.
Basilica di San Clemente fine example of 1st Century church

By • Catholic Online • 4/15/2011

The Basilica of St. Clement is an early Christian basilica in Rome dedicated to Pope St. Clement. The church is beautiful inside, and is especially notable for its three historical layers. The 12th-century basilica is built on top of a well-preserved 4th-century church which in turn was built next ...

According to the scholar G. Mackie, Santa Costanza's art reflects 'the emerging iconography of the Christian faith in its first years of legitimacy in the Roman Empire.'
Mausoleum of Santa Costanza contains beautiful 4th century mosaics

By • Catholic Online • 4/13/2011

Santa Costanza in Rome, Italy, is named for Constantine the Great's daughter Constantia. However, later scholarship suggests it was actually built for her sister Helena, who died in 360-61. Early accounts record that Constantine built a funerary hall here on the imperial estate at the request of ...

The walls were decorated with frescoes in the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries, remains of which can still be seen.
Baptistry of St. John considered oldest Christian building in France

By • Catholic Online • 4/6/2011

The Baptistère Saint-Jean or the Baptistery of St. John in Poitiers is believed to be the oldest Christian building in France. It's located next to the cathedral and is definitely worth seeing. Originally constructed in the 4th century, the round baptistery was modified in the 6th and 7th centuries ...

The Melk Abbey has played an important role in the Danube region since Roman times, appearing in the German epic poem 'Nibelungenlied,' in which it is called 'Medelike.'
Austrian abbey was originally a baroque castle

By • Catholic Online • 4/4/2011

Found on the bank of the Danube River between Salzburg and Vienna, Melk Abbey emerges crowned by towers and resplendent in a golden hue. It goes against the grain of what is popularly thought of as an abbey, a place of monastic living and quiet. In stark contrast, Melk Abbey stands crowned by ...

The catacombs are home to some of the earliest examples of Christian art, such as this fresco of Christ as the Good Shepherd in the Catacomb of Domitilla.
Early Christian catacombs among the most popular sights in Rome

By • Catholic Online • 3/31/2011

The Early Christian catacombs are among the most popular sights in Rome. Forming an underground maze in the outskirts of the city, the catacombs provide a rare glimpse into the earliest centuries of Christianity. The catacombs are home to some of the earliest examples of Christian art. LOS ANGELES, ...

All that remains of the church today are roofless Norman walls and about half of the former apse, both overgrown. A beautiful rose window is still visible.
The Catacombs of St. John are on view in Sicily

By • Catholic Online • 3/29/2011

The Catacombs of St. John in Siracusa contain some 20,000 Early Christian tombs. However, all that remains today are the honeycombed tunnels of empty coffins that were looted by grave robbers long ago. They are entered through the evocative ruins of a Norman church. LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic ...

Today, the Temple Church functions as an Anglican parish church, with regular worship services and choir performances conducted there.
London's Temple Church from the 'Da Vinci Code' Movie

By • Catholic Online • 3/28/2011

London's Temple Church is famous for its rare circular nave called "the Round." It was built by the Knights Templar in the 12th century. It is one of only three Norman round churches left in England, and figures heavily in the popular book and film "The Da Vinci Code." LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic ...

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