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Newly Added Saints

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St. Mark Ki-T'Ien-Siang
Bl. Mark of Aviano
St. Martha Kim
Bl. Martha Le Bouteiller
Bl. Marthe Poulain de la Forestrie
St. Martin Luke Huin
Bl. Martin of Saint Nicholas
St. Martin Ou
109 Martyrs (64 from French Revolution - Martyrs of La Rochelle - and 45 from Spanish Civil War), (O
85 Martyrs of England and Wales
Martyrs of Thailand
St. Martyrs of Kosice
Bl. Martyrs of Nowogrodek
Bl. Martyrs of Podlasie
Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War
Bl. Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War
Martyrs of Tlaxcala
Bl. Mary Elizabeth Hesselblad
St. Mary Fan-K'Ounn
St. Mary Fou
St. Mary Hermina Grivot
St. Mary Nan-Kouo-Cheu
Bl. Frances Siedliska
St. Mary of the Cross MacKillop
St. Mary Tchao
St. Mary Tchao-Kouo-Cheu
St. Mary Tcheng-Su
St. Mary Tchou-Ou-Cheu
Bl. Mary Theresa Scherer
St. Mary Tou-Tchao-Cheu
St. Mary Ts'I-U
St. Mary Wang-Li-Cheu
St. Mary Yi Yon-hui
St. Mateo Correa
Bl. Mateo Kohioe a Rosario
St. Matthew Alonso Leziniana
St. Matthew Fun-Te
St. Matthew Gam Van Le
Bl. Maurice Tornay
Bl. Melchior of Saint Augustine
Bl. Mercedes Maria of Jesus
Bl. Dominik Trcka
Bl. Michal Kozal
Bl. Michal Wawryszuk
Bl. Michele Pio Fasoli
Bl. Miguel de Aozaraza
Bl. Miguel de la Mora
St. Miguel Febres Cordero
Bl. Miguel Kurobioye
Bl. Fr. Miroslav Bulesic
St. Modest Andlauer
Bl. Modestino of Jesus and Mary
Bl. Monique Pichery
Bl. Mother Maria of Jesus Deluil-Martiny
Bl. Nazaria Ignacia March Mesa
Bl. Niceforo of Jesus and Mary
Bl. Nicholas Charnetsky
Bl. Mykola Konrad
St. Nicholas The Duc Bui
Bl. Mykola Tsehelskyi
Bl. Nicola of Gesturi
Bl. Nicolas Barre
Bl. Nicolas Roland
Bl. Nicolas Steno
Bl. Nikolaus Gross
St. Nimatullah al-Hardini
Bl. Martyrs of Astoria during Spanish Civil War
Bl. Odilia Baumgarten
Bl. Oleksa Zaryckyj
Bl. Olha Bida
Bl. Onufry Wasyluk
St. Otranto Martyrs ~ Antonio Primaldo
Bl. Otto Neururer
St. Paola Jeuris
Bl. Paolo Manna
St. Patrick Tun
St. Paula Montal Fornes
St. Paul Chen
St. Paul Chong Hasang
St. Paul Denn
St. Paul Ho
St. Paul Hong Yongju
St. Paulina
Bl. Pauline von Mallinckrodt
St. Paul Keue-T'Ing-Tchou
St. Paul Khoan Khan Pham
St. Paul Lang-Eull
St. Paul Liou-Tsinn-Tei
St. Paul Ou-Kiu-Nan
St. Paul Ou-Wan-Chou
Bl. Pavol Peter Gojdi?
St. Pedro Calungsod
St. Pedro de San Jose Betancur
St. Pedro Poveda Castroverde
St. Perpetua Hong Kumju
Bl. Perrine Androuin
Bl. Perrine Besson
Bl. Perrine Bourigault
Bl. Perrine Grille
Bl. Perrine-Jeanne Sailland d'Epinatz
Bl. Perrine Laurent
Bl. Perrine Ledoyen
Bl. Perrine Phelyppeaux Sailland
Bl. Perrine-Renee Potier Turpault
St. Peter Aumaitre
St. Peter Ch'oe Ch'ang-hub
St. Peter Cho Kwaso
St. Peter Chong Wonji
Bl. Peter Donders
Bl. Peter Friedhofen
St. Peter Henricus Dorie
St. Peter Kwon Tugin
St. Peter Liou-Tzeu-U
St. Peter Li-Ts'Uan
St. Peter Maubant
St. Peter Nam Kyongmun
St. Peter Ryau
St. Peter Son Sonji
St. Peter Tchang-Pan-Nieu
St. Peter Tchao-Ming
St. Peter Tchou-Jeu-Sinn
Bl. Peter To Rot
St. Peter Tuy Le
St. Peter U-Ngan-Pan
Bl. Peter Verhun
St. Peter Wang-OI-Man
St. Peter Wang-Tsouo Long
St. Peter Yi Myongs
St. Peter Y Taech'ol
St. Peter Yu Chongyul
Bl. Petra of Saint Joseph Perez Florida
St. Philip Minh Van Doan
Bl. Philip Rinaldi
St. Philip Tchang
Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati
Bl. Pierino Morosini
Bl. Pierre Bonhomme
Bl. Pierre Delepine
Bl. Pierre-Francois Jamet
Bl. Pierre Fremond
Bl. Pierre Tessier
Bl. Pietro Bonilli
Bl. Pietro Casini
Bl. Pio Campidelli
Bl. Pius IX
108 Polish Martyrs
St. Protasius Chong Kurbo
St. Rafael Arnaiz Baron
Bl. Rafaela Ybarra de Villalongo
Bl. Rafael Chylinski
St. Rafael Guizar Valencia
St. Rafqa
Bl. Raphael Kalinowski
St. Raymond Li-Ts'Uan
Bl. Regina Protmann
St. Remigius Isore
Bl. Renee ailleau Girault
Bl. Renee Bourgeais Juret
Bl. Renee Grillard
Bl. Renee Marie Feillatreau
Bl. Renee Martin
Bl. Renee Regault Papin
Bl. Renee Seichet Dacy
Bl. Renee Valin
Bl. Rene Lego
St. Riccardo Pampuri
Bl. Roman Adame Rosales
Bl. Roman Lysko
St. Rosa Kim
Bl. Rosalie du Verdier de la Soriniere
Bl. Rose Quenion
St. Rose Tchao
St. Rose Tch'Enn-Kai-Tsie
St. Rose Wang-Hoei
Bl. Rupert Meyer
Bl. Sabas Reyes Salazar
St. Salvador Lara Puente
Bl. Salvatore Lilli
Bl. Samuel Marzorati
St. Sebastian Nam
Bl. Severian Baranyk
Bl. Simeon Lukach
St. Simon Berneux
Bl. Simone Chauvigne Charbonneau
St. Simon Hoa Dac Phan
St. Simon Tceng
St. Simon Tsinn
11 Spanish nuns
Bl. Stanislaus Kazimierczyk
St. Stefan Pongracz
Bl. Stefan Wincenty Frelichowski
St. Stephen Theodore Cuenot
St. Stephen Vinh
St. Susanna U Surim
Bl. Suzanne Androuin
Bl. Tarsykia Matskiv
St. Tchang-Hoai-Lou
Bl. Teodomiro Joaquin
St. Teodorico Balat
Bl. Teodor Romza
Bl. Teresa Bracco
St. Teresa Eustochio Verzeri
Bl. Teresa Grillo Chavez
St. Teresa Kinn-Tsie
Bl. Teresa Maria of the Cross Manetti
St. Teresa Tchang-Hene-Cheu
St. Teresa Yi Mae-im
St. Thephane Venard
Bl. Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger
Bl. Thomas Hioji Rokuzayemon Nishi
St. Thomas Sen-Ki-Kuo
St. Thomas Son Chason
St. Thomas Thien Tran
Bl. Timothy Giaccardo
St. Tomasso da Cori
Bl. Tommaso Maria Fusco
Bl. Tommaso Reggio
Bl. Toros Oghlou David
Bl. Ulricke Nische
St. Ursula Ledůchowska
Bl. Valerio Bernardo Maria Crucified Satellico
Bl. Vicente Shiwozuka de la Cruz
Bl. Vicente Vilar David
Bl. Victoire Bauduceau Reveillere
Bl. Victoire Gusteau
Bl. Victoria Diez y Bustos de Molina
St. Victoriano Pio
Bl. Victoria Rasoamanarivo
Bl. Vilmos Apor
St. Virginia Centurione Bracelli
Bl. Vitalij Bajrak
Bl. Volodymyr Pryjma
Bl. William Joseph Chaminade
Bl. Wincenty Lewoniuk
Bl. Yakym Senkivsky
Bl. Zeferino Agostini
Bl. Zenon Kovalyk
St. Zygmunt Gorazdowski

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Saint of the Day: St. George

St. George

Pictures of St. George usually show him killing a dragon to rescue a beautiful lady. The dragon stands for wickedness. The lady stands for God's holy truth. St. George was a brave martyr who was victorious over the devil. He was a soldier in the army of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, and he was one of the Emperor's favorite soldiers. Now Diocletian was a pagan ... continue reading

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St. Agatha

St. Agatha

Although we have evidence that Agatha was venerated at least as far back as the sixth century, the only facts we have about her are that she was born in Sicily and died there a martyr. In the legend of her life, we are told that she belonged to a rich, important family. When she was young, she dedicated her life to God and resisted any men who wanted to ... continue reading

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St. Michael the Archangel

St. Michael the Archangel

St. Michael the Archangel - Feast day - September 29th The name Michael signifies "Who is like to God?" and was the warcry of the good angels in the battle fought in heaven against satan and his followers. Holy Scripture describes St. Michael as "one of the chief princes," and leader of the forces of heaven in their triumph over the powers of hell. He has been ... continue reading

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Saint Joseph's love for Jesus is worth of commemoration.
Is St. Joseph worthy of commemoration?

Today is the feast day of St. Joseph, which means this is the perfect time to check out our offerings of St. Joseph medals, prayer cards ... continue reading

Duc in Altum: Men, Put Out Into the Deep on the Feast of St Joseph

This model of Christian manliness recommends himself to us not for any strange or exciting things he did (because he really didn't) but ... continue reading

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