In Syria people are dying every day, shot in their homes, shot in the street, killed in detention. But it is the children who suffer the most. The militias loyal to the Assad regime are using horrific and disgusting methods of torture and murder. In May, little children were systematically separated from their families, had their small hands bound behind their backs with plastic zip ties, and where shot one by one to maximize their suffering. The grief of their sobbing parents, who were forced to watch, was not over. After the children were dead, the fathers were also killed as a warning to others who support the resistance.

In this massacre, 108 people were killed, nearly half were children. And what happened on that day was just the beginning; this scene has been repeated almost daily.

These disgusting tactics are part of the overall strategy designed to break the morale of the resistance fighters struggling to overthrow a regime so brutal and oppressive that its own prime minister defected in disgust

There are twists - it isn’t always so systematic. Sometimes the children are killed as part of the frequent, indiscriminate shelling by Syrian forces, collapsing apartment buildings and crushing scared, huddled families inside.

And then there’s the general humanitarian disaster. Those who survive the violence must endure a lack of food, water, clothing, and even basic sanitation.

Those than can, flee.

The city of Aleppo has emptied nearly half of its population, with many families struggling to stay together on the roads to Turkey. Very little humanitarian aid reaches these people, and what does is frequently not enough.

Survivors of this ‘Syrian death march’ report hearing the screams of children crying for their frequently missing fathers and brothers.

A little food, warmth, and mercy - is what they need the most, but have the least of.

The reports that Catholic Online receives read unlike any submitted from any other region in the world. Our staff has covered disasters before, including the recent conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen, and. At no time have we encountered stories of cruelty to children that exceed these.

Notably, Syria has a substantial population of Catholics who are also victims of regime forces in this conflict.

Syrian children, both Muslim and Catholic, are suffering much more than adults. Many are too young to provide for themselves. Some have lost their parents. They all fear being intercepted and targeted by roving pro-Assad militias. Hunger, cold, and fear are universal.

It is because of these horrifying stories and images, which we receive almost daily, that Catholic Online has decided to do something rare. We are asking for direct donations to aid refugees, particularly children, who are caught in the crossfire.

No amount you donate is too small. Even a $5 donation will provide a few meals worth of food, some blankets, or vital medication.

Your Catholic Voice has partnered with Catholic Online to collect and send your donation to provide immediate, direct aid to children in jeopardy. We plan to continue this effort as long as the humanitarian crisis in Syria, Turkey, and Lebanon persists.

This is one of the most immediate, pro-life, affirming acts of love and mercy that you can commit to right now, without even leaving your seat. We implore you to give generously, and we thank you with all our hearts.

Finally, please pray with us the following intentions:

  • For an immediate end to hostilities and a lasting peace in Syria
  • For the families, especially the children, that all who are separated may be reunited.
  • For the needs of all the innocents in this conflict, that the generosity of the world be poured upon them to ease their suffering.
  • For deliverance, that all involved in this conflict be delivered from the horrors of war, the grief of loss, the anxiety of separation, the suffering of destitution.
  • For repentance, that all involved may repent of their evil and know the mercy and grace of the Lord, Our God.
  • For Justice, that victims of these crimes, especially the children, receive justice from the righteous hand of God.

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