The Destruction of the Japanese Quake and Tsunami

Japan Earthquake Appeal:

Your Catholic Voice Foundation (YCVF) working with Catholic Online and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) utilizing the internet for emergency disaster relief.

IMMEDIATE NEED: Communication, food, water, shelter, information, human relief efforts, and assistance in finding missing relatives. Your Catholic Voice Foundation, YCVF must act now. A magnitude 8.9 earthquake - the biggest in modern Japanese history - slammed the island nation's eastern coast Friday March 11th, unleashing a 23-foot tsunami that swept people, boats, cars, buildings and tons of debris miles inland and prompting a "nuclear emergency." We expect the coming reports to reveal greater and greater devastation and misery.

  • Police say hundreds of bodies found in north-eastern coastal area and hundreds missing
  • Coast guard searching for ship carrying 80
  • Blaze engulfs northeast waterfront
  • Report: Train with unknown number of passengers is missing
  • Evacuation order issued to thousands near 'different nuclear plant'
  • Japanese PM cites 'major damage'; calls for 'spirit of fraternity'
  • Millions without power.
  • Hundreds of thousands stranded as railways shut down.

Help those affected by the earthquake in Japan. YCVF is accepting donations to support our online support efforts in Japan and worldwide. Please donate to help survivors of this emergency.

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Pray for the victims of Japanese Quake and Tsunami

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