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St. Rita was born at Spoleto, Italy in 1381. At an early age, she begged her parents to allow her to enter a convent. Instead they arranged a marriage for her. Rita became a good wife and mother, but her husband was a man of violent temper. In anger he often mistreated his wife. He taught their children his own evil ways. Rita tried to perform her duties faithfully and to pray and receive the sacraments frequently. After nearly twenty years of ... Continue Reading

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  1. Marie
    10 months ago

    My Dearest St. Rita, today is May the 22nd your feast Day, I am so happy to have you in my life, I am nothing without you, you made a lot of miracles in my life, please St. Rita I need you more than ever, please make my husband forget all the problems he had with my parents and let me enjoy every moment with my husband and my kids, I feel so down and sad don't leave me alone, please bring back love and respect in between me and my husband, I love my family and I don't want to loose anyone. Please don't leave me alone and I know you won't. Love you more than my life.

  2. Vilma J. Lagdameo
    10 months ago

    I was married 52 years ago at St Rita Parish at Philam Life Homes, Quezon City, Philipppines, and I thiank you, St. Rita for helping my husband and me in keeping Faith in the Sacrament of Marriage all these years.

  3. joyrita
    10 months ago

    Dearest saint Rita, happy feast day, am thanking you for your powerful intercession on me and my family. Praying for your intercession my husband ambition to become the next cordinator of their dc. Praying dat my children michael and mary will be grant wisdom and knowledge to know how to read and write, to be a good mother to them. For safe gestation period and i wil deliver safely like d hebrew women. For spiritual uplifement on me and my family. For peace and protection. And i promise to promote your dervotion with all my strenght.

  4. harriet
    10 months ago

    i am happy i have read about thi saint right on time when i was about to give up my marriage due to the never ending abuses but now i have someone to rely on for prayers. Dear St. Rita pray for me to remain fathfull, humble and steadfast al all times. pray for my husband to stop his violent behaviours. Amen.

  5. Christopher Antony
    10 months ago

    St.Rita words cant say wat i want 2 say this is truly a great site catholic online has teached me so much that i never would of found out thank you
    I pray two you great saint Rita and ask you in faith two pray for me and my family
    I ask for your help in my work
    I pray two you that my family and friends that have pasted are happy in heaven
    I pray two you that i may be happy and lucky on earth
    I pray two you in great faith
    God Bless us all

  6. sue
    10 months ago

    Happy feast day, Saint Rita! Please intercede for me that I can be reunited with my husband and 2 kids. I pray that my husband's visa will be approved. I'm so desperate, St. Rita. There's so much pain in my heart because of my separation from my family.

  7. A
    10 months ago

    I prayed to St. Rita for something small but important to me. Together with St. Anthony, she answered immediately.
    I believe there is no prayer insignificant to her if it's from the heart. Thank you, St. Rita. Thank you, St. Anthony.

  8. Atieno
    10 months ago

    Happy Feast Day our beloved St Rita, we honour you for your continued intercession. Please
    pray for me and my husband that the Lord may bless us and give us strength and faith to worship him whole heartedly.

  9. Anna
    10 months ago

    Happy Feast Day St. Rita. Thank you for all you have done for me. I am forever grateful to you. When times are hard, I pray to you. You have always helped me get through the struggles and never abandoned me. Please continue to watch over and guide me on a a good path. Help me become a better person and fulfill the duties that God wants me to do. I promise to so the best I can to help those who are in need. Thank you for everything St. Rita. I will continue to pray to you. Happy Feast Day.

  10. gymel
    10 months ago

    Happy Feast Day Saint Rita!

    Please bless me and my husband with a healthy baby. Thank you so much!

  11. Gina
    10 months ago

    Happy Feast Day my beloved patron St Rita may you remain forever in our hearts. We thank you for listening to our prayers and I ask that you interceed on behalf of everyone who asks for your help to our beloved Jesus. If it is God's will let all our prayers be answered. Amen.

    May you interceed on my behalf by granting our autistic son entry into the school of our request and may he gain entry to this school in the next few weeks. It seems impossible as they've told us there are no vacancies this year, please let a vacancy become available for him as he needs to be in a smaller class size to aid his learning.

  12. IK
    10 months ago

    Happy Feast Day dearest Saint Rita! Thank you for letting me find you and find comfort in you.

    Please pray that F will respond and open up to me. After a couple of months of total silence, I managed to get him to reply the other day. He said he's constantly thinking of me and misses me, so I gently asked again for us to communicate more. I hoped he would respond but he's once again disappeared. Whenever I mention us talking and making one another laugh he distances himself. But if we are constantly on each other's minds, we need to reconnect, we need to talk... Please Saint Rita this constant up and down of emotions is so draining, it is stealing every ounce of energy and hope from me. Please make this seemingly impossible request become possible. Let us finally have a breakthrough and talk to one another again. And please grant me the beautiful miracle that we may have another chance and he can learn of my unconditional love. I miss him, I miss him... reading his words the other day meant so much, but it rips me apart that he's dismissing me again, when I know deep down he doesn't want this... Help him break through that depression, the wall of pain, please remove all obstacles that stand in our way. Thank you dearest Saint Rita.

  13. rich
    10 months ago

    Thank You St. Rita for having Jesus give us the Miracle of healing my Mother during her illness. Also, thank St. Jude & St. Philomena for thier intervention. Please continue to hear my Prayers and requests!! I love Thee!

  14. c
    10 months ago

    Thank you St. Rita for your intercession and answered prayers. He called and we are trying to work on our relationship. Thank you. I love you.

  15. IK
    10 months ago

    Thank you Saint Rita for your continued intercession.

    I nudged F a little and FINALLY got him to respond! He said he's always thinking of me and I'm constantly in his thoughts and he misses me... But if he thinks of me so much and kisses me why does he remain so silent and distant. I can sense he is still sad and holding up a wall of pain which I have tried so hard to break through. It meant so much to have him finally reply. I have asked him for us to communicate more again. Please let me hear back from this - it's always at this point that he disappears again. Hearing one another and making each other laugh would be the best thing! Please take my request to our Lord and plead that He make a clear path for F back to me, back to my heart and give us another chance and let me show him my unconditional love. Thank you for this tiny little glimmer of hope my dear Saint Rita! Please, please help my impossible miracle become possible.

  16. C
    10 months ago

    Saint Rita please help me to get pregnant now and give birth to a healthy child. Thank you. C

  17. c
    11 months ago

    Thank you St. Rita for your intercession and answered prayers. He texted me. It is a start to hopefully a reconciliation.

  18. Rowena
    11 months ago

    thank you Sta. Rita for all the wonders and the miracles.

  19. IK
    11 months ago

    St Rita and St Jude thank you so much for hearing me and answering my latest request.

    I asked to hear from a friend who I'd lost contact with for almost one month, and this morning I found an email in my junk mail... I tried to email her to an old email address that was previously bouncing, and it sent successfully and she's now responded and said she's happy to hear from me! Her friendship is so important, I'm so thankful that we are back in touch!

    Please, please continue to intercede for me that my darling F finds his way back to me. I have not heard from him in a couple of months now. I miss him so much! Please take my request to our Lord and plead that my miracle be granted. Please ask our Lord to shine His light on F, to make a clear path back to me. Please help him see what he is doing by distancing himself from me. St Rita, please let me hear from him. Even a hello would mean the world to me! It is so discouraging when I have prayed for about 10 months, ceaselessly and now he's more distant than ever. This seems more impossible day by day. But you are the patron saint of the impossible, dearest St Rita! Please bring F and I back together and make this impossible miracle possible! I miss, love and need my darling F to come back and give me that chance to show him unconditonal love. Please pull him out of his depression, show him the way to my heart. Please let us communicate. Thank you for hearing me St Rita and please fill me with hope, patience and perseverance for this miracle, until our Lord sees it through.

  20. Nancy
    11 months ago

    I stumbled upon St Rita by accident while looking for a novena. While saying her novena , wonderful things began to happen for me ,though I did not pray for those exact things. I did not know of her before and now I see things about her everywhere. I take it as a small sign that she is listening. Thank you St Rita for answering my prayers . I will continue to pray to her.

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